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The Old Farmer is an older man who works in a mechanic shop who occasionally advises South Park citizens on problems, though is rarely involved himself. He is based on character Jud Crandall of the film Pet Semetary.


He first appeared when Butters passed by his shop while lost in "Butters' Very Own Episode". Butters asked him which road to take to go back to South Park. The Old Farmer then pointed to a cursed road, and began describing its horrible history, reciting a quote from the book, "A lot of history on that road". The cursed road also appears in Pet Sematary.

He reappeared in "Asspen" where he warned Stan how dangerous skiing the K-13 would be, saying there was a 'Wolf boy' who escaped from a mental institution up there as well as the mountain being a burial ground cursed by vampire cannibal Indians named the 'Witchicaw' who ate the flesh of little children.

His third appearance was in "Marjorine". After Butters faked his death, the farmer comes to his parents' house, telling Stephen Stotch not to try to bring his son back by burying his body in the Indian Burial Ground, quoting "Sometimes dead is better". Unfortunately, he is the one who gives Stephen the idea.

He reappears again in "Insecurity" at the bar when the fathers try to decide how to deal with the UPS man who is supposedly sleeping with their wives. The farmer compares the UPS man to a milk man he once knew and tells them they should kill him, and insists it's the only way. Later, he makes the same comparison to the security system people.


He has gray hair, abnormally thick eyebrows, small eyes, and an abnormally large chin. He wears a white undershirt, a dark blue button-up shirt, and blue overalls.

He was slightly re-designed in "Insecurity".


He seems to be caring, to some extent, warning Butters of the dangers of going down a certain road in "Butters' Very Own Episode", as well as, warning Stephen Stotch (a complete stranger) of the dangers of burying his son in the Indian Burial Ground in "Marjorine".




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