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  • Stan and Kenny don't appear in this episode.
  • Elon Musk voiced himself in this episode.
  • Kyle indirectly breaks the fourth wall by saying "This isn't South Park. What's happen to us? We'd used to have a challenge and deal with it. Then move onto the next one. Now we've just been dealing with trolling and internet stuff over and over, week after week." This may also refer to the show's direction of episode-to-episode continuity which started in season 18 and its more linear approach this season.
  • This marks the first time Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave have spoken to each other since "Follow That Egg!".
  • Kyle asking Ike where he learned to swear and make dirty insults and Ike's response of "Daddy." may be a reference to Ike's voice actor this season being Trey Parker's daughter, Betty Boogie Parker whom Trey also directs on the show.
  • This is the only episode in Season Twenty where the Memberberries don't appear.

References to Popular Culture

I just don't understand it

The parallels between this scene and the "wall scenes" from Peanuts.

  • The scene where Cartman and Butters are leaning against the railings at SpaceX is in reference to the "wall scenes" between Linus and Charlie brown from the Peanuts comics and cartoons.
    • Additionally Cartman's line, "I just don't understand it", is similar to Charlie Brown's line of "I just don't understand Christmas." Cartman's delivery of this line mimics the speech patterns of Charlie Brown.
  • The music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley is shown on the projector screens yet again during the Troll Trace staff assembly.


  • When Cartman thinks that Butters is trying to steal Heidi from him, he tells him that he doesn't want anything to do with girlfriends since they "poop on his heart". This is referring to his ex-girlfriend Charlotte, whom broke up with him via Skype in "Wieners Out".


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