A NASCAR race.

NASCAR is the acronym of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. This sport was featured in the Season Fourteen episode, "Poor and Stupid".



Cartman, driving.

Eric Cartman expresses his ambition to his friends that he wants to be a NASCAR auto racer. Believing he has to be poor and stupid to achieve this goal, Cartman eats Vagisil creme and begins talking with an exaggerated southern US accent.

Eric hires Butters Stotch to be in his pit crew, and together they manage to steal a stock car and cause a major accident at a NASCAR event. For publicity purposes, as well as to promote his Vagisil product, the owner of the car hires Eric to race for him in an upcoming event. Throughout the episode, true NASCAR fan Kenny McCormick tries to stop Eric from making a mockery of his favorite sport.

List of featured NASCAR drivers

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