"My Roots" is a hip-hop dance song that appeared in Season Eight episode, "You Got F'd in the A". The song was played twice on a boombox, once by The Orange County Crew and then again by Chef at the dance studio.


First Time

After buying a new RC car, Stan Marsh and the boys had a second encounter with the OC Crew. After the OC Crew played this song, Stan put in "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus and danced back. Since Stan danced backed, it is declared that "it's on" and the two crews would have a dance competition.

Second Time

In an attempt to become better, more organized dancers, Stan, Michael, Mercedes, Yao, and a duck named Jeffy attended a hip-hop dance class taught by Chef. After the first song plays and the children and duck tried and dance, Chef determined they have heart and soul, but lack talent.


You can't step to my roots, so don't try it.
You can’t burn with my group so don’t light it.
I'm on the OC crew and I'm better than you.
You like to suck my balls, don't deny it.
You can't bop her like me so don't go there.
You never find a bigger bitch player nowhere.
I put my jimmy in a ho, put off soul.
I'm a good listener and that's rare.