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Mrs. Vladchik is the grandmother of the Quintuplets. She made her first and only appearance in "Quintuplets 2000".


"Quintuplets 2000"

She was the grandmother of the Quintuplets. After their last show at the Cirque Du Cheville in the U.S., she attempted to help the Quintuplets stay in the U.S. due to their mother's wishes. She would later ask the Marshes if she could stay in their house for a night. She would later have sex with Marvin Marsh, which resulted in her death.


She has gray hair, various facial wrinkles, and a double chin. She wears a dark green skirt, an orange coat, a white shirt, red gloves, red scarf, as well as a variously tinted green scarf.


She seems very loving and caring, even risking her life to keep her granddaughters out of Romania in "Quintuplets 2000".


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