Mrs. Barbrady is Officer Barbrady's wife. She was first mentioned in the Season Two episode, "Chickenlover", and first appeared in the Season Nineteen episode, "Naughty Ninjas", though only in a photograph.


She was first mentioned in "Chickenlover", when it was heard that she wanted Officer Barbrady to bring home pizza. She would later be mentioned again in "Spookyfish", when Barbrady reminisces when his wife stopped getting her monthly visitor.

Her appearance was revealed in the Season Nineteen episode "Naughty Ninjas", when a photograph of her appeared on Officer Barbrady's wall. She was never seen living with her husband and was never seen nor mentioned again after these instances. Officer Barbrady is shown to live alone with his pet Barney.


Her appearance resembles that of her husband's. She has a square head, long brown hair, and an overweight square-shaped body. She wears a light blue button-up shirt. Since the photograph was cropped at her body, it is unknown what color pants or shoes she wears.


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