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Mr. Derp
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Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Unknown; likely 40-45
Occupation Chef
Lemonade Stand Operator
Religion Unknown; likely Roman Catholic
Voiced by Trey Parker[1]
First "The Succubus"

Mr. Derp first appeared in "The Succubus". He was a temporary replacement for Chef when he left due to his impending marriage. Chef later took his job back, however, due to Chef's death in "The Return of Chef", Mr. Derp may have resumed his duty as South Park Elementary's chef.



In "The Succubus, he temporarily replaced Chef, he also told the boys Chef quit due to marriage. Mr. Derp also made a brief cameo in "Timmy 2000", as the man in charge of the lemonade stand at the concert, and in the foreground at the adventure park in "Professor Chaos". Later, he is briefly seen in Jimmy's dream in "Erection Day" and running out of the school in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow". After "The Return of Chef", he may be his replacement as he was seen in the background in "Eek, A Penis!", running out of the school in "Cartoon Wars Part I". In "Crème Fraiche", Randy Marsh was seen as the school chef and it is unknown if Mr. Derp still holds a position as part of South Park Elementary's faculty.


His name, according to the commentary on the episode, comes from a word invented by Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves, which they say means "an obvious joke" or is said when they do something dumb.


He has facial wrinkles, a large nose, short brown hair, thick, brown eyebrows, and a thick, brown mustache. He wears a black hairnet, a small, white chef hat, and a dark, dull green, long-sleeve shirt. He also wears an orange apron which reads, "Come an' get it!".


Mr. Derp is into slapstick humor, which is painful, physical humor.



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