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Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood actor, famous in large part to his recognizable voice. He appears in the Season Fourteen episode, "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". He was also featured prominently in the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!". He is also known on South Park for being one of the only few celebrities to be mimicked in a positive way. Most others are portrayed as stupid, or spoiled.


When Butters Stotch takes credit for writing a horrifically vulgar and disgusting book, entitled The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs, written in truth by the boys, he becomes a world-wide beloved author. Butters then decides to write a sequel book, in which he claims it will be as raunchy as the first.

When the book is at last released, the Today Show does a segment in which they have Morgan Freeman read five chapters from the book. Unfortunately, the book is no where near as vulgar as the original, instead coming off as childishly written, and resulting in Freeman essentially repeating the words "poop" and "pee" in assorted manners.

In "Obama Wins!", Freeman appears when information about the current setting needs to be explained. He first appears at Red Lobster explaining the significance of the Star Wars franchise to the United States government. He also explains the relationship between General Tso, Barack Obama, Eric Cartman, and the debacle regarding the missing election ballots.  When asked why he always shows up to explain complicated situations, he responds that every time he explains something, he earns another freckle, to which a new freckle appears on his face.

Morgan Freeman subsequently appears after the election ballots are found. He explains the reasoning behind why the Chinese wish to own Star Wars and the potential fate Star Wars would face if owned by Disney.  Afterwards, multiple freckles appear one after another on his face.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Morgan Freeman reappears at the end, where he explains the origin of Princess Kenny, and her reason for betraying them and siding with the Big Bad Government Guy. Kyle asks him why he appears when something convoluted needs explaining, in the exact same manner as Stan did in "Obama Wins!", and Morgan Freeman replies with the exact same answer as he did in that episode.


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