The Mirage toy company produced four series of South Park action figures from 2003 to 2005, after which the company became defunct. Their figures were around 5-6" tall, and usually only had a single point of articulation at the neck, allowing for head movement. They were produced by rotocasting and therefore hollow, and usually came with one or two additional accessories. Characters were generally not in scale with one another.

Each wave consisted of four figures and sometimes an exclusive, and they generally retailed for around $13 each. The fourth wave was released online only.

Series 1

The first wave was released in early 2003, and included three of the main boys, along with Butters Stotch. The wave began production while Kenny was still considered permanently deceased, and "Red Sleigh Down" aired very shortly before they saw release.

Series 2

The second wave completed the main boys with the release of Kenny McCormick, along with other fan favorites.

Series 3

This was the series' first wave to include adult characters, though none of them are in scale with the child characters produced before or after this wave. It is also the only wave to include female characters.

Satan was an exclusive at Suncoast retailers and is not depicted as part of 'Series' 3 on the back of the packaging.

Series 4

The fourth wave was intended for a 2005 release, but ultimately was only available online and did not see retail.

Mini Packs

These 'Mini Packs' each included the four figures from the corresponding wave, along with a bonus character, usually reusing the same basic mold, but at a much smaller scale, roughly 2" tall. The third and fourth packs were never released, though listings were placed online before their cancellation.

Other Figures


  • A contemporary review for the second series of figures stated that Shelly Marsh was to be produced in the fourth wave. By the time the third series was produced, the real line-up was known. As no source is provided, it is not known if this was an error on the reviewer's part or reflective of a change at Mirage.
  • This is the only line of South Park action figures to include Wendy Testaburger in her normal outfit, or Liane Cartman. All other characters were later included in the Mezco Toyz or Kidrobot action figure lines.