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Michael Jackson
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Character Information
Aliases Michael Jefferson
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 50 (deceased)
Date of Birth August 29, 1958
Died June 25, 2009
Occupation Former Singer, Musician
Voiced by Trey Parker[1]
First "The Jeffersons"
For other uses, see Michael (disambiguation).

Michael Jackson was an American singer who made his first appearance on South Park in "The Jeffersons", where he was referred to as Michael Jefferson. After his death in 2009, he made three more appearances: in "Dead Celebrities", which mainly focuses on his and other celebrities' deaths; in "200", where he is seen among the crowd of celebrities suing South Park; and in "#REHASH", as a hologram.


In "The Jeffersons", after years of being targeted by the police, Jackson moves to South Park into what is said to be "The Donovans' Old Residence" with his son, Blanket Jackson. Michael hopes that he can escape the police's constant attempts at framing him for child molestation. When Blanket makes friends with the Boys, Jackson quickly steals them for himself, in his continued attempts at regaining his lost childhood, often at the neglect of his own son. Jackson is quickly targeted by the Park County Police Force, upon discovering that a rich black man had moved to town.

Jefferson (7)

Michael "Jefferson" at his cotton candy machine.

His new home in South Park is similar to his Neverland Ranch, as he has various expensive things including a cotton candy machine, arcade games, an amusement park, a train that children can ride, and even a small zoo in his backyard. He seems most fond however of his 'wishing tree' in which he climbs into and sings.


In "Dead Celebrities", Michael refuses to accept his death, causing himself and other celebrities who died during Season Thirteen to be trapped in Purgatory. Michael Jackson then possessed Ike Broflovski, so the boys had to help him live his dream of being a little white girl in order to banish his ghost from Ike's body. After Michael Jackson won a beauty pageant, in Ike's body, he accepted his death. He and the other celebrities were able to leave purgatory. Michael Jackson presumably now resides in Hell. He, however, was shown in the crowd of angry celebrities in "200". It is likely he returned to Earth, as people are able to return to Earth from Hell, as shown in "Hell on Earth 2006".


Michael Jackson in Purgatory

Michael Jackson at the end of "Dead Celebrities".

Michael has white skin and black hair. He wears a white t-shirt and red trousers. He also wears a white glove on his left hand. In the episode "The Jeffersons", he sports a fake mustache (so no one can realize that he is Michael Jackson). Towards the end of the episode, however, Jackson's appearance begins to become mutilated, as his face begins to fall apart and melt, causing him to becoming skeletal and zombie-like. He goes on to wear the red jumpsuit from his music video "Thriller." At the end of "Dead Celebrities", he is shown wearing the formal outfit he wore during the 1984 Grammy Awards.


Jefferson (6)

Michael swinging with Bebe.

He is extremely childish, playing with various children's toys as well as neglecting his responsibilities in "The Jeffersons". He also refused to accept his death in "Dead Celebrities", even going as far as to possess Ike Broflovski in order to participate in a little girls talent show.




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