Mexico is a country in North America, bordered to the north by the United States.


In the episode "Probably", Kenny arrives in Ensenada, Mexico after a bus drags him over the border. Eric Cartman is later sent to the same town when his church is shut down and Jesus Christ reasoned that it was a fate worse than Hell.

In "Free Willzyx", where the boys went to Tijuana to use the "Mexican Space Program", which cost them $200.

In "Pinewood Derby", the president of Mexico is yelled at by Randy Marsh for building water parks and therefore raising suspicion from the "Space Cops" about the world's obtainment of "space cash".

Mexico is the main focus of the episode "The Last of the Meheecans", during which Butters Stotch, as Mantequilla, inspires the Mexicans to immigrate back to Mexico from the US. The Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, reappears in this episode with a talking role.


  • "Probably" - Kenny is dragged to Mexico by a bus.
  • "Free Willzyx" - The boys use the Mexican Space Program to send Jambu to the moon.
  • "Pinewood Derby" - Randy is upset at Mexico for building a bunch of water parks with the space cash.
  • "The Last of the Meheecans" - Butters convinces Mexicans to immigrate back to Mexico.
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