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  • The condition of Randy and the other men appears to be Elephantiasis of the scrotum rather than testicular cancer. Of course, the increased size is a humorous exaggeration of the tumors in their testicles.
  • Kenny has no lines and isn't shown again after they find out that KFC has been replaced. This is also the last time we see Kyle in this episode as well. (Stan is seen a few more times during the episode but only very briefly).
  • The scene with Randy trying to move after his balls fall out of the wheelbarrow was originally acted out by Trey using a large yoga ball. The animators took this video and animated it, almost frame-for-frame.
  • This episode marks the fourth mention of KFC, but the second time in which KFC's importance to the boys is a driving story point.

References to Popular Culture

  • The episode was produced during a time where Colorado was considering restricting fast food restaurants and relaxing laws against the use of marijuana in order for it to be used for medicinal purposes.
  • The KFC being replaced by a medicinal marijuana store is based on Kind for Cures in Los Angeles, an eponym after Kentucky Fried Chicken which had previously owned the building. The medicinal store has since been shut down.
  • Products from KFC are used in a similar way to cocaine in the episode, from workers cutting it to Cartman chopping it with a credit card and snorting it.
  • Some scenes (especially when Cartman is talking to the Colonel in Corbin) are scene recreations from the movie Scarface.
  • Much of Cartman's story, and his relationship with Colonel Sanders, is a parody of assorted drug related films, most prominently Scarface.
  • Cartman makes numerous references to the March/April 2010 scandal in the Catholic Church that Pope Benedict XVI protected the priest that molested over 200 deaf boys, as well as other pedophile priests (which drew massive controversy).
  • Tommy's character, appearance, and personality are very similar to Tommy Vercetti, the main protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • The song playing when the men are bouncing across the screen on their balls is "Chicken on the Rocks" by Jean Jacques-Perry.
  • The way Randy and his friends bounce on their testicles is a reference to the toy called the Space Hopper or Hoppity-Hop.


  • British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his attempts at getting America to move onto healthier foods is mentioned. He appears again in "Crème Fraiche" with similar motives.
  • One of the Miller's aides, Kevin, has previously appeared in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo".
  • Members of the Chinese mafia from "Wing" can be seen at the shootout.
  • Ted, the mustached mayor's aide, has a new replacement in this episode since he was killed in "Night of the Living Homeless".
  • Towelie is seen for the first time since "A Million Little Fibers". He is seen in the crowd debating that pot be legalized.


  • Liane's lipstick is not seen applied in the scene with her and Cartman, but is shortly after the two exit the car to talk to a mover.
  • The Marsh's microwave operates with the door open when they are designed not to activate unless closed to prevent radiation leaks, unless there are a few that allow it.
  • Randy uses his microwave to give himself testicular cancer, but microwave radiation cannot cause cancer.
  • When driving to the KFC after soccer practice, Randy drives the boys passed Tom's Rhinoplasty. In the first angle, it is on the passenger side, but in the next shot it appears on Randy's side.
  • When Billy Miller demands 85 dollars from Cartman, his arm passes through his desk.
  • When the doctor says there have been 10 cases of testicular cancer in the last week, you can see 11 people with testicular cancer in the next shot.
  • Throughout the episode, Billy Miller alternates between having a unibrow and having two unattached eyebrows.


  • Since Ned has lost all or part of his larynx to cancer, he should be eligible already for medicinal marijuana (though his cancer may have long been removed or in remission).
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