Manbearpig is a fictional cryptid. He is described by Al Gore as being half man, half bear and half pig.


Manbearpig's first "appearance" was in the episode of the same name. Al Gore gives a presentation presentation to the students of South Park Elementary, in which he claims that the creature walks the Earth alone and doesn't care who you are or what you did, he simply wants to get you. Al Gore also says that he is the one to kill Manbearpig and that he is "super cereal". The boys don't believe him.

Later, when they are playing basketball, the silhouette of a mysterious creature is seen across the horizon. It is immediately revealed to be Al Gore in disguise attempting to spread awareness of Manbearpig. Randy later picks the boys up, telling them there is no such thing as a Manbearpig and that Al Gore is just trying to look for attention.

The next day Stan, feeling sorry for Al Gore, convinces Cartman, Kyle and Kyle to go hunting with him for Manbearpig in the cave of winds. Al Gore leads them away from the tour to find "clues" to Manbearpig. Al Gore gives the boys really weird jobs, such as looking for Manbearpig's droppings. Unfortunately, Al Gore accidentally causes a cave in, but he falsely believes it to be Manbearpig, and flees the cave with the tour.

The boys however end up being trapped in the cave. While everybody is trying to dig out the boys, Al Gore attempts to flood the cave. The diggers free the boys, just as the flood destroys the cave. Al Gore ecstatically believes he has killed Manbearpig, but is shouted at angrily by Stan for nearly killing him and his friends. However, Al Gore doesn't seem to care in the least, and goes off to make a movie about himself.


Manbearpig kills Kyle in "Imaginationland, Episode II".

Manbearpig returns in the "Imagionationland" Trilogy. When the portal between Imaginationland opens, Manbearpig rampages in a government laboratory. Manbearpig kills various people, including Kyle. Fortunately, however, Cartman successfully revives Kyle, but only to later force him to suck his balls. Manbearpig is sucked back into Imaginationland, but pulls Stan with him.

Al Gore pores over security footage and uncovers evidence of Manbearpig's existence. Upon learning this, he declares that the imagination must be nuked. The government agrees, but only because Imaginationland has a terrorist connection.

Manbearpig is later seen in the battle for Imaginationland in the climax of the trilogy. However, his ultimate fate remains unknown.


In the drawing presented by Al Gore Manbearpig is shown to be a humanoid creature with hooves, claws, fur growing all over its body, and pig-like ears and snout.

His appearance in Imaginationland was different. He was portrayed as a hulking chimera who's face is that of a pig on one side and that of a bear on the other. His body is partly covered in hair and has some human features on his torso. He has human-like legs and pig-like feet.


  • Manbearpig's origin is unknown. Although implied to be a figment of Al Gore's imagination, a South Park Studios FAQ posting implies it may have been an experiment of Dr. Mephesto.[2] This is of debatable validity, given that Manbearpig does not display any characteristics of Mephesto's other experiments.


Video Games

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Manbearpig is the penultimate boss in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, on the level "Mountain Pass". Like other bosses, the players' goal is to keep him from reaching the town, or else the game is lost. His role in the overarching storyline is never explained. If players manage to kill Manbearpig without using any towers on Insane mode, they will earn a Platinum medal and the "MANBEARPIG" achievement.

South Park: Tenorman's Revenge

ManBearPig appears as an enemy in South Park: Tenorman's Revenge.


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