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Malcolm McDowell
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Character Information
Aliases British Person
Gender Male
Hair White
Age 71
Date of Birth June 13, 1943[1]
Occupation Actor; Voice Actor
First "Pip"

Malcolm McDowell is the narrator of the Season Four episode, "Pip".


Introducing himself as "a British person", he says that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have decided to tell the origins of Pip Pirrup. He narrates various parts of the story, but most of it is shown as an actual episode with the viewer following the characters. He closes the episode as well.


Dressed in a suit, the British Person is sat in a chair in a study with the book Great Expectations in his hand, though towards the end of the episode the plot takes a much more unusual path in reference to a regular South Park twist of a story. He has white hair and has a British accent and heritage, which is where he derives his name from.

Naturally, he has the appearance of his actor, though it is not known if he is intended to be Malcolm McDowell or someone else.


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