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"Make It Right" is a song sung by Eric Cartman in the Season Nine episode, "The Death of Eric Cartman".


Thinking he is dead, Eric Cartman tries atone for his bad deeds done to others through the years. The song plays over a montage of Cartman and Butters Stotch delivering fruit baskets to everyone he's ever wronged, including Scott Tenorman visiting his parents at the cemetery, the Special Olympics Committee for pretending to be handicapped, and Sally Struthers.


I'm gonna make make it right
I'm gonna take a little time and set things straight
Make make it right
I'm paying for my sins and it sure feels great
Feels so good to be making up for all the things I've done wrong
I know now what the good lord in heaven wanted from me all along
All along
I'm gonna make make it right
Cuz Jesus wants me to have a clean slate
Not fakin' it, I'm makin' it right
Paying for my sins and it sure feels great
Make make it right
Make make it right
Gonna make it right girl I got to have your lovin' tonight
Make make it right
Make make it right

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