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Main Street is a major location in South Park being home to most businesses and shops. It's made an appearance in many episodes, whether that being the whole street or individual buildings. In early seasons it was used as a shot of the whole town, being isolated from other buildings. In recent episodes more detailed views are used.

The position of buildings on the street change often, mostly for the addition of other buildings such as the Bijou Cinema. Despite some views of the street showing one side of buildings there are more across the road in other scenes.

Known Locations

Main Row

  • Tom's Rhinoplasty
  • Post Office
  • Crack Baby Athletic Association (Sometimes referred to as the Bank or Office) - Tall Gray
  • News Office (Stick of Truth) - Red
  • Bank (Stick of Truth) - Dark Green
  • Unknown Blue
  • Unknown Tall Green
  • Unknown Lime Green

Other Known Buildings 

(Location not defined)

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