Maggie Yates is the wife of Harrison Yates, a detective with the Park County Police Department. She appeared in the Season Eight episode, "The Jeffersons", where she convinces her husband not to quit the force in order to continue his duty of framing rich, innocent black people. She later appears in the Season Nineteen episode, "You're Not Yelping".


She has curly light brown hair separated into two bangs with yellow hairclips. She wears a purple cardigan, red skirt and earrings. She seems to have an Irish accent, hinting she may originally have come from Ireland.


Like her husband, she appears to be extremely racist, believing that framing rich black people for crimes they didn't commit is a noble and just duty.


Harrison Yates

She appears to genuinely care for her husband, Harrison Yates, often worrying about whether or not he is going to come home after a day's work with the police force. However, she knows that his duty of framing innocent rich black people is his calling in life, and tells him to go back to work rather than quit the police force.


  • Maggie Yates: "Not another word of that kind of talk, Harrison Yates. Believe me I would love nothin' more than to have you quit the force and no longer have to worry about whether or not you're comin' home. But I know you. Framin' rich black men for crimes they didn't commit is in your blood. Wipin' that rich, smug smile off their faces is the only thing that puts a smile on yours. You're a good cop, Harrison Yates. You don't have to question that. Because I'm here to tell you." from "The Jeffersons"


  • "The Jeffersons" - Tells her husband not to quit the police force and to continue to frame rich black men for crimes they did not commit.
  • "You're Not Yelping" - Once again encourages her husband to stay in the police force.
  • "Not Funny" - Seen at church.


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