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"Love Lost Long Ago" was sung by Mrs. Garrison in the Season Nine episode, "Follow That Egg!".


Janet Garrison assigns her class a project to take care of an egg for a week, splitting the students into boy/girl pairs in a test of responsibility. While the class decorates their eggs, she begins reminiscing about Mr. Slave and their former relationship while looking at this photograph..


Just look at all these little families
Newfound couples in a happy home
It takes me back to another time
When I had a love of my own

Love, love lost long ago
It was special then, it's over now
Love, so darn frail, you know?
It's shriveled and dried, I don't know how

Love, love lost long ago
It was special then, it's over now
Guess that I'll never know how it all went wrong
How, how, how?

But perhaps I should try, to boldly go, and rekindle that love, lost long ago.

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