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This page is a list for the organizations featured in episodes of South Park.

Allied Atheist Alliance (AAA)

Main article: Allied Atheist Alliance (AAA)

Council of Nine

Main article: Council of Nine

Federation of Planets

Main article: Federation of Planets

Getting Gay With Kids

Main article: Getting Gay With Kids

Hare Club for Men

Main article: Hare Club for Men

Intergalactic Police

Main article: Intergalactic Police

La Resistance

Main article: La Resistance (Organization)

Mothers Against Canada

Main article: Mothers Against Canada

Main Groups

Main article: The Boys
Main article: Craig's Gang


Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

Main article: Ku Klux Klan


North American Man/Boy Love Association

Main article: NAMBLA

North American Marlon Brandow Look Alikes

Main article: NAMBLA

South Park Police

Main article: South Park Police

South Park Vampire Society

Main article: South Park Vampire Society

Super Adventure Club

Main article: Super Adventure Club

Super Best Friends

Main article: Super Best Friends (Group)

Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation‎

Main article: Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation‎

Unified Atheist League (UAL)

Main article: Unified Atheist League (UAL)

United Atheist Alliance

Main article: United Atheist Alliance (UAA)

World Canadian Bureau

Main article: World Canadian Bureau

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