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"List of News Channels" is under construction. Some information may be missing.


CNN is based on the real CNN television network.


Image Episode Description
Goobacks03 "Goobacks" Reports on the immigrants from the future looking for jobs.
CNNS12E10 "Pandemic" Reports on the arrest of Peruvian Pan Flute bands by Homeland Security.

Fox News


Image Episode Description
TDBTDAT FOX News "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" The Channel reports on the state of the world during the global warming disaster.
FNS12E02 "Britney's New Look" The Channel was reporting on the huge mistake of Britney Spears with Britney Watch!
FNS12E03 "Major Boobage" The Channel reported on the dangers of "Cheesing" cat urine among the youth.

KCBR News 5


Nebraska News

Little is known about Nebraska News as it was only seen once.


Image Episode Description
NNS02E16 "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" The Channel reported on the heated car chase with Charlie Manson and the Police.


News was only seen once and early in the South Park series.


Image Episode Description
NS01E02 "Weight Gain 4000" The Channel recorded Kathie Lee Gifford's appearance.

News 8 TV


Image Episode Description
N8TVS01E01 "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" The Channel reported on weird things that are happening in South Park.



Image Episode Description
SNNS05E09 "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants" Sharon watches the SNN anchor and sees the boys in Afghanistan.
SNNS10E03 "Cartoon Wars Part I" The SNN anchor reports that FOX will air Muhammad, uncensored, on their TV show "Family Guy".
SPAMLF8 "A Million Little Fibers" Geraldo Rivera outs Towelie as a real towel on Larry King.

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