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This list is for minor characters from the thirteenth season of South Park.

Billy Mays

Billy Mays South Park
Main article: Billy Mays

Billy Mays (1958-2009) was a salesman who advertised many products. He died in 2009 and his ghost (as well as the ghosts of many other recently deceased celebrities) haunted Ike. His ghost is constantly advertising different products, including Chipotlaway. He appeared in the episode "Dead Celebrities", where Cartman appeared to be very passionate about his commercials and products. The other dead celebrities on the purgatory plane were constantly annoyed by his passionate selling of his products, even though he is dead. After Michael Jackson accepted his death, he and the other passengers expressed their dismay as the purgatory plane went to its designated location: Hell. Billy now resides in Hell.

Carlos Mencia

Main article: Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia appeared in the episode "Fishsticks" where he claimed to be the originator of the Fishsticks Joke. Later Kanye West and his posse beat him up before Kanye killed him. He claimed to have had no penis. He admits to stealing jokes, because he is Mexican and not funny.

Ellen DeGeneres

Main article: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is an American actress, comedian and TV talk show host. She appeared in the episode "Fishsticks" where she had Eric Cartman on her talk show.



Guleed was one of the pirates that Cartman meets in Somalia in the episode Fatbeard. Guleed and two others capture Cartman and several other children and hold them hostage threatening to kill them if they don't receive money from a French ship. Guleed and the others are surprised when they find out that Cartman and the others took over the ship all by themselves. Cartman then leads the pirates, better organizing them. Guleed later admits to Butters and Ike that he does not want to be a pirate and he does not know why they want to be pirates. Guleed also says he wishes to go to school and is only a pirate so he can survive.

Guleed is later sniped by U.S. soldiers along with the rest of the pirates. Guleed is the second pirate to die, being shot down right after an unnamed Somali Pirate.

Intergalactic Police


Main article: Intergalactic Police
The Intergalactic Police appeared in the episode "Pinewood Derby" along with Baby Fark McGee-zax to test Planet Earths' integrity to see if they were of suitable material to join the Federation of Planets.

Jonas Brothers

Main article: Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a pop-rock boy band, famous for their appeal to "tweens". They appeared in the South Park episode, "The Ring".

Kanye West

Main article: Kanye West

Kanye West is an American born rapper and musician who appears in the episode "Fishsticks" as an egotistical self referenced genius who doesn't understand the Fishsticks Joke and thinks that people actual mean to call him a gay fish. After punching out a TV presenter, storming off the stage during a performance, killing Carlos Mencia when he doesn't explain the joke to him and holding Eric Cartman and Jimmy Valmer hostage he thinks he realizes that people have been trying to tell him who he really is and dives into the sea where he begins humping and French kissing other fish and sea animals.

Kevern Zaksor

Baby-Fark McGeezax
Main article: Kevern Zaksor

Kevorn Zaksor a.k.a Baby Fark McGee-zax, appeared in the episode "Pinewood Derby". He posed as a notorious gangster who was under pursuit by the Intergalactic Police for stealing "space cash." He held Planet Earth hostage while he forced Randy Marsh and Stan Marsh to build a warp drive. Stan, after much persuading by Randy, then stabs Baby-Fark and he is presumed dead.

Later on, he is revealed to be an Ambassador to new world testing, and that the entire chain of events was a test to see if Earth was worthy of joining the intergalactic community, known as the Federation of Planets. He tested humanity by giving them space cash and seeing if they would return it to the aliens. They failed miserably and spent it all until Baby-Fark revealed that space cash is only worth what the humans decide it is worth. He berated the humans for their evident stupidity. As punishment for not returning the aforementioned space cash, the Earth is isolated from the rest of the Universe forever. Baby-Fark, or Kevorn, is never seen again and presumably returns to the Federation.

Mickey Mouse

Main article: Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the icon of the Walt Disney Company and one of the most recognized animated characters in the world.

He appeared in the episode "The Ring", in which he is seen as the owner of the Disney Company and boss to the Jonas Brothers. Mickey is portrayed as an evil money-hungry corporate mogul who is both verbally and physically abusive to his employees. His main motive with the Jonas Brothers is to sell sex to little girls with sex euphemisms to stupid Christian families.

At the end of the episode, Mickey is shown to have the ability to grow in size, breathe fire, and fly. His hovering over the city mimics the Mickey Mouse balloon seen in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It is implied that Mickey might be of some sort of divine origin. A news reporter commenting on Mickey's onslaught mentions that Mickey would afterward return to Valhalla, of Norse mythology, where he would then slumber and feed.

Paul Watson

Paul Watson
Main article: Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a Canadian fighter for animal rights. He is shown in the episode "Whale Whores" as a captain of the ship "Sea Shepherd" fighting against Japanese killing dolphins and whales in his TV show "Whale Wars" (real world TV show).

Mocking his controversial methods of lying to his audience, Watson is depicted as an idiotic glory-hound in search of getting attention for his shown in the most pathetic means possible. When faced with an Japanese Whaling ship, he suggests that they beat themselves up and lying about being attacked, or throw stink cheese that the Japanese ship. He is then killed when a harpoon goes through his head, causing Stan to step up and take over the ship. Stan's more proactive approach make him more popular and competent that Watson.

Queef Sisters

Main article: Queef Sisters

Katherine and Katie Queef are two Canadian comedy Actresses. Their show, "The Queef Sisters" is broadcast on the Canada Channel. Similar to Terrance and Phillip's farting, much of their humor revolves around queefing. They grew up watching the Terrance and Phillip show, considering them to be their "idols". Despite initially not being able to tell them apart, they soon marry them. The Queef Sisters are also considered to be feminist icons due to their female humor as well as their book, "Eat, Pray, Queef" which the episode was named after.

Sally Darson

Main article: Sally Darson

Sally Darson is a South Park Elementary student who appeared in the episode, "Butters' Bottom Bitch". She is a schoolyards version of a prostitute, as she exchanges kisses for money.

Samantha Dunskin

Main article: Samantha Dunskin

Samantha Dunskin is a minor character in South Park who appeared in the episode, Eat, Pray, Queef. She can "queef" whenever she wants, according to Red. She queefs in Butters Stotch's face which cause the male parents to want to expel her for this. It is assumed she isn't expelled from South Park Elementary.

She wears a purple jacket with pink furlined cuffs and collars and she wears light blue trousers. She has freckles and greyish colored hair in pigtails. She also has a double chin and is slightly chubby, being a stereotype of an unpopular girl, being fat and having a really disgusting habit like queefing on command.

Tammy Warner

Main article: Tammy Warner

Tammy Warner was Kenny's girlfriend in the episode, "The Ring". She is in the fifth grade, loves the Jonas Brothers, and reportedly gave a boy a Blow Job (oral sex) in the parking lot of T.G.I. Friday's. She's apparently the poorest person in school, followed by Kenny. Tammy also gave Kenny syphilis by performing oral sex, causing his death. It is unknown what happened to Tammy, since she was not seen at Kenny's Funeral.

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