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This list is for minor characters from the sixth season of South Park.

Alan Jackson

Main article: Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson appeared in the South Park episode, A Ladder to Heaven, in which he sang the song "A Ladder to Heaven" in order to capitalize on people's emotions.

Frederick Johnson

Main article: Frederick Johnson

Frederick Johnson appears in the episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny" as "The Ghost of Human Kindness" to persuade Tweek Tweak that people are not as scary and dangerous as his parents and the new had led him to believe. He is later revealed to be a child abductor who uses the moniker of "The Ghost of Human Kindness" to get children to trust him.

Future Selves

The future selves appear in the episode "My Future Self n' Me". They are actors hired by Motivation Corp. to help parents to dissuade their children from taking drugs and alcohol. There were future selves of Stan Marsh, Butters Stotch, and Kevin Stoley.

Future Stan

Main article: Future Stan

Future Stan was hired by Randy and Sharon Marsh to tell their son, Stan, that his life went downward after taking drugs, thereby convincing him to never take drugs in the future. However, after Stan meets Butters' future self, Stan finds his "future self's" connection to Motivation Corp. and how his parents have lied to him.

Future Butters

Main article: Future Butters

Future Butters was hired by Stephen and Linda Stotch to tell their son, Butters, that his life also went downhill after taking drugs, much like Future Stan.

Glen Dumont

Main article: Glen Dumont

Glen Dumont is an F.B.I. negotiator who appears in the episode "Fun with Veal". His job was to negotiate with the boys to have them give back the stolen veal, but instead he gives them weapons, has the word "veal" officially changed to "tortured baby cow", and gives them a cattle truck to escape to Mexico driven by Michael Dorn in full Worf makeup.

Jared Fogle

Main article: Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle appears in the episode "Jared Has Aides" to encourage the people of South Park to lose weight. He is the spokesperson for Subway who allegedly lost over 262 lbs. eating Subway Sandwiches, but later admits it was with the help of his assistants who he calls his "aides".

John Edward

Main article: John Edward

John Edward is a supposed psychic medium and host of Crossing Over who appears in the episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe". His display of talking to the dead convinces the audience and Kyle Broflovski of his powers, but fails to do so to Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Chef, and Cartman's mom. Kyle comes to the belief that Edward spoke to his grandmother and that she wants him to attend Jewleeard, so he disregards his home to fulfill his grandma's wishes. Stan then goes to see Edward to tell Kyle that his powers are fake, but Edward refuses to admit it, prompting Stan to call him a douche and prove that Edward is a fraud. However, Stan's display of Edward's techniques convinces people he is a psychic, and he even gets his own show. He continues to try showing people what he and Edward does is fake, inciting Edward to have a psychic showdown with him. Although, at the showdown, Stan tells the audience he understands their desires to believe that Edward is talking to their dead relatives, but in the end it is all just a trick and that their relatives have better things to do than talk to Edward. Edward still believes he is special when a spaceship comes and aliens tell him he has been nominated for "Biggest Douche in the Universe", so they take him to the award ceremony, where he wins the award.


Main article: Lemmiwinks

Lemmiwinks is the gerbil belonging to the fourth grade class at South Park Elementary. In the episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerance", Mr. Garrison inserts Lemmiwinks into Mr. Slave's ass with the hope that he'll get fired. Lemmiwinks then travels through Mr. Slave's digestive system to reach freedom.

He later escapes with the help of the spirits of other animal victims.

Lolly The Candy Man

Main article: Lolly The Candy Man

Lolly The Candy Man, the owner of Lolly's Candy Factory, appears in the episode "A Ladder to Heaven". He held a contest for a candy shopping spree at his store, which the boys had won. He stopped the boys from shopping because they had to show their winning ticket to him to prove they were the winners, and since they did not have it at the time, Lolly gave them a week to find it.

Michael Dorn

Main article: Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn appears in the episode "Fun with Veal". When the boys steal some baby cows to prevent them from being slaughtered for veal, Cartman negotiates with the F.B.I. to have Dorn come in full Worf makeup and drive the cattle truck that will take them to Mexico.


Main article: Mongolians

The Mongolians appear in the episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny" to tear down the wall made by Tuong Lu Kim that closed off South Park from strangers.

Phil and Josh

Main article: Phil and Josh

Phil and Josh are salesmen from Aspen who appear in the episode "Asspen" to talk to the boys' parents about Aspen timeshares. In return for the free condo they stay at, the parents must attend the meeting where Phil and Josh explain how the timeshare works, however they are unable to leave and are forced to keep listening until they purchase timeshares.

Russell Crowe

Main article: Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe appears in the episode "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" on his show, Russell Crowe Fightin' Around The World, which chronicles the many fights Russell has 'round the world. The boys are forced to watch the show to see the trailer to Asses of Fire 2 during one of the commercial breaks.

Sea People

Main article: Sea People

The Sea People are brine shrimp that the boys purchase in the episode "The Simpsons Already Did It", thinking they were more anthropomorphic. After finding out their true form, the boys decide to put them in their teacher Ms. Choksondik's coffee, but she dies the same day, making the boys think it was their fault. She was found to have semen in her stomach, so they retrieve it and put it back in their Sea People tank, thinking the semen was Sea Men. The next morning, the Sea People became a more advanced society, and the boys, surmising it was due to adding semen, decide to get further advance the civilization by adding more semen and Sea People into a bigger tank. The Sea People have progressed enough that one side worships Cartman as a deity and the other worships Tweek. Due to their conflicting views, both sides destroy each other and the tank with nuclear weapons.

Tad Mikowski

Main article: Tad Mikowski

Tad Mikowski is an expert skier who constantly challenges Stan Marsh to races in "Asspen", despite him being a beginner. Tad easily beats Stan the first time, but continues to mock him and calling him Stan Darsh until he agrees to have a rematch on the K-13. Tad starts out winning, then continually sets traps to slow Stan down, but is distracted by a girl showing her breasts, long enough so that Stan wins the race.


Main article: Thumper

Thumper is a skiing instructor who teaches the boys the basics of skiing in the episode "Asspen". When Stan is challenged to race on the K-13 against Tad Mikowsky, he asks Thumper to help train him and improve his skills enough to win the race.

Devitzen's Tolerance Camp Warden


The Tolerance Camp Warden is a one-off character who appeared in "The Death Camp of Tolerance". When the children act uncomfortable with their homosexual teacher, they believe this to be homophobism and sent the children to the camp (in reality the children were uncomfortable because of their teachers sexual behavior). He seems to be very strict with children at his camp, Nearly killing Kyle just for painting a bear. At the end of the episode, when the parents rush to the camp to pick up their children, who have been released from the camp, their teacher is sent to the camp, and the camp warden promises only pain and suffering for a week.

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