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This list is for minor characters from the ninth season of South Park.

Animal Liberation Front

Main article: Animal Liberation Front

The Animal Liberation Front is a group composed of eco-terrorists who appear in the episode "Free Willzyx" and are willing to use violence in order to obtain what they think is best for the animals they are "saving". They initially appear as peaceful supporters of the boys' movement to free Jambu from Denver Sea Park, but then they resort to shooting anyone who got in the way of saving the whale.

Doctor Lindsay

Psychic Lady
Main article: Doctor Lindsay

Doctor Lindsay briefly appeared in "The Death of Eric Cartman". She is the psychic Cartman and Butters went to get help for Cartman, who believed he was actually a ghost. Believing that Cartman was a ghost, Doctor Lindsay shrieked in fear and ran off.

Dr. Biber


Dr. Biber is a plastic surgeon, who appeared in the episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina". He gives plastic surgery to Mr. Garrison, Kyle and Gerald, to turn them into a woman, a tall black basketball player, and a dolphin, respectively. He is based on a real person named Stanley Biber who due to his wonderful sex change surgeries named his hometown, Trinidad, the "Sex-Change capital of the world".


Main article: Jakartha

Jakartha is a feared assassin who appears in the episode "Follow That Egg!". He was hired by Mrs. Garrison to kill Stan Marsh's and Kyle Broflovski's egg so that Mrs. Garrison can prove that gay couples cannot raise children, and therefore cannot be married.

Nut Gobbler

Main article: Nut Gobbler

Nut Gobbler appeared in the episode "Erection Day". She is a prostitute who Jimmy picks up in order to get rid of his erections. Her pimp named Q-money who, upon seeing Nut Gobbler at a fancy restaurant with Jimmy, attempts to kill her. Jimmy ends up saving Nut Gobbler with his comedy, and has sex with her.

Nut Gobbler looks to be in her 30s and wears a very unflattering nurse's outfit with a nurse's cap. She is rather fat and wears red high heels. She is a brunette and often has a scowl on her face.


Main article: Q-Money

Q-Money appeared in the episode "Erection Day" as Nut Gobbler's pimp. He kidnaps and threatens to kill Nutgobbler after he finds her at a restaurant with Jimmy Valmer, thinking he was her new pimp. Q-Money gets distracted by Jimmy's comedy routine and hit by Nut Gobbler.


Main article: Shauna

Shauna appeared in the episode "Erection Day" as Jimmy's date. With Cartman's help, Jimmy arranges a date with her at Buca De Faggoncini so that he can have sex with her later to get rid of his erections in time for the talent show. Jimmy follows Cartman's instructions and politely listens to Shauna's chatter, getting her to like him until he ruins the moment by bluntly asking to put his penis in her vagina.

Sylvester Stallone

Main article: Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone appeared in the episode "Wing" as the host of the reality show, "The Contender". After hearing Wing's singing in the show, he asks the boys, with the help of a translator, to have Wing sing at his son's wedding.

Tom "Bat Dad" Nelson

Bat dad

Tom Nelson appears in "The Losing Edge"; he fights other fathers during Little League baseball games. He wears a purple Batman mask and cape, as well as a black loincloth, and a black watch on one of his wrists.

Wing Han Tsang

Main article: Wing Han Tsang

Wing Han Tsang is a New Zealand singer, born in Hong Kong, China.

She appears in the episode "Wing", as the wife of Tuong Lu Kim. Trey Parker and Matt Stone had to send an approvement letter to her, to use her songs.

She sang two songs in an episode: "Dancing Queen" and "Fernando", both made by Swedish music group "ABBA".

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