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This list is for minor characters from the fourth season of South Park.

Billy Circlovich

Main article: Billy Circlovich

Billy Circlovich appears in the episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". He is featured on a news report as a boy in need of a bone-marrow transplant or he will die. He needs 600 more dollars for the transplant, which he is told will be given by the Tooth Fairy because he recently lost a tooth. In reality, the report was a trap set by the dentist, Mr. Foley, to lure kids in the tooth-trade into getting the $600, so they can catch them in the act.

Charlie Rose


Charlie Rose appeared in the South Park episode, "Timmy 2000", in which he spoke about Timmy's band on his TV program.


Main article: Chris

Chris is Satan's new boyfriend in the episode "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" after killing his former boyfriend, Saddam Hussein. Chris treats Satan rather well, but despite that, Satan is not sexually attracted to him and often calls him a pussy. Saddam comes and tries to win Satan back, and to do so he kills Chris to get him out of the way. In "Probably", Chris and Saddam kill each other repeatedly, fighting over Satan's affection until Satan announces he doesn't want to be with either of them and wants some alone time.

Christina Aguilera

Pink Christina Aguilera Monster

Christina Aguilera is a pop music singer.

In the South Park episode "Timmy 2000", Eric Cartman develops a side effect to his Ritalin that makes him see "Pink Christina Aguilera monsters", which frighten him.

Dr. Shay

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Dr. Richard Shay is a doctor who appears on a video Chef brings as an alternative to Ritalin in "Timmy 2000". He specializes in an exciting new drug-free treatment for kids who have ADD (which is actually punching patients in the face and irately shouting at them to "sit down and study")

Dr. Roberts

Main article: Dr. Roberts

Dr. Roberts is Eric Cartman's dentist and he appears in the episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". Liane Cartman calls him over some concern that Cartman has lost 112 baby teeth, but he is unable to provide help because he was to attend the American Dental Association convention. At the convention, he speaks to the audience to tell them that the reason there are numerous reports of missing teeth and tooth fairy money is a giant half-chicken/half-squirrel that uses the teeth and money to build a nest for its offspring.


Main article: Estella

Estella Havisham is a one-off character from the episode "Pip". Like Pip, she is a literary counterpart from Charles Dickens' classic tale, Great Expectations. Estella is the daughter of Miss Havisham, and was raised to break men's hearts.

Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro appeared in the South Park episode, "The Wacky Molestation Adventure", in which he received a letter from Kyle asking for freedom for the Cuban people. Touched by Kyle's letter to him he runs out of his offices yelling Spanish thus ending communism in Cuba.

Kenny Impostor

Main article: Kenny Impostor

The Kenny Impostor is a drug addict who appears in the episode "Fat Camp". He first pretends to be a skinny Eric Cartman to fool the townspeople while he steals sweets so that the real Cartman can sell them to the other campers in the fat camp. After Kenny McCormick is arrested for giving Howard Stern a "hummer", the Impostor gives himself away after delivering a decent "I learned something today" speech, so he is forced to replace Kenny for the paperview special of the Krazy Kenny Show, where he crawls up Ms. Crabtree's uterus and stays for six hours.


Main article: Loogie

Loogie is the owner of the South Park tooth trading business. He appeared in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000".

Miss Information

Main article: Miss Information

Miss Information was a supplier for herbal "medicines" in the episode "Cherokee Hair Tampons". She cons the townspeople into thinking her "natural medicines" can cure diseases and many other health problems better than Western medicine, even hiring two Mexican men to act as Native Americans to make her products look more convincing.

Mr. Wyland

Main article: Mr. Wyland

Mr. Wyland substitutes for Mr. Garrison after he is let go for attempting to molest a child. In the episode, "Cherokee Hair Tampons", he has the children make a get well card for Kyle Broflovski, who had kidney failure. And in the episode, "Chef Goes Nanners", he has the children debate over the South Park Flag.


Main article: NAMBLA
Namblaimg 14
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Two organizations appear in the episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" that use this acronym: the North America Man-Boy Love Association and the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes. The former organization promotes sex between men and young boys and is the NAMBLA that Eric Cartman decides to join to be with more mature men, unaware of its pedophiliac nature. The latter fights the former for the rights to and is often mistaken for the former by the F.B.I., so they help them catch the former NAMBLA.

Phil Collins

Main article: Phil Collins

Phil Collins appeared in the episode, "Timmy 2000". The winner of the Battle of the Bands, Timmy and The Lords of the Underworld, was to open for Collins' concert, but Collins tried to stop them because he was upset with how Timmy was in the band. He breaks up the band by convincing Skyler that Timmy was stealing his thunder and allows Skyler's solo band (Reach for the Skyler) to open for him instead. Because most of the town was on Ritalin, they enjoy Collins' music, until they taken off the drug, promptly booing him off stage and cheering for the Lords of the Underworld. While Timmy's band plays, Collins is thrown around the audience with the Oscar he was carrying shoved up his ass.


Main article: Pocket

Herbert Pocket was Pip's roommate in the episode "Pip". He is a cheerful bloke with combed red hair, large front teeth, and a crooked smile. He teaches Pip the basics of being a gentleman (such as not putting ones knife in ones mouth, not passing gas at the table, not placing a napkin in the glasses, and not checking ones penis for scabs at the table). Pocket had a large collection of baby bunnies (of which Estella killed twenty five). He helps Pip defeat Miss Havisham and is joyful at the prospect of a happy ending. It is announced at the end of the episode that Pocket dies of Hepatitis B, which could lead to the fact that he had premarital sex. He is voiced by Trey Parker.

The Quintuplets

Main article: Quintuplets
Picture jhgddg

The Quintuplets are a Romanian set of contorting sisters seen in the episode "Quintuplets 2000". Only four of them are named in the episode: Nadia, Natalia, Glaces and Baltania. The name of the fifth sister is never given. They were taken by Oprah Winfrey after they found out how lame America really was.

Romanian Guards

Main article: Romanian Guards

The Romanian Guards are two men sent from Romania to the United States in order to bring the Quintuplets and their grandmother back home. The failed in doing so and were presumably killed in a boating accident. They appeared only once in the episode, "Quintuplets 2000".

Romper Stomper

Main article: Romper Stomper
Picture jfsh

Romper Stomper was Cartman's cell-mate in the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". He wanted cigarettes and makes Cartman put the ones that Stan and Kyle gave him up his ass to sneak them in, but what he really wants is to see Disney world.

Rosie O'Donnell

Main article: Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell is Filmore's aunt and she appears in the episode "Trapper Keeper". She was called to settle the dispute of who would be the Kindergarten class president between Filmore and Ike Broflovski. She is later told off by Mr. Garrison and heads in the direction of the evil Trapper Keeper. She is then absorbed into the Trapper Keeper, giving it indigestion, helping to defeat it.

Sister Ann

Main article: Sister Ann
South Park Roman Catholic

Sister Ann is a Roman Catholic nun who works alongside Priest Maxi at the South Park Church. She appears in the episodes "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and "Probably" as the Sunday School teacher, later trying to convince the kids to go back to their normal lives after they are convinced that if they don't follow a strict Christian life they will go to Hell. She talks to Eric Cartman, the leader of the movement, but he states that only he and Jesus Christ can save the souls of the children. This gives Sister Ann the idea to have Jesus himself come and tell the kids to go back to their lives.

Tom Foley

Main article: Tom Foley

Tom Foley is a dentist who appears in the episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". He is the only dentist of the American Dental Association who knows the reason for numerous reports of missing teeth and tooth fairy money is a black market tooth-trade and pursues the one in South Park.

Walter Matthau


Walter Matthau was an American actor with a long career most famously known for Grumpy Old Men, Dennis the Menace, the narrator of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and most famously as the original Oscar in The Odd Couple. He tries to get Satan to come back to his place for some brewskies with his friends in "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?"

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