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This list is for minor characters from the fifth season of South Park.

The Afghan Boys

Main article: The Afghan Boys

The Afghan Boys are the boys' Afghan counterparts who appear in the episode, "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants". They strongly dislike the United States because of the damage it has done to their country.

Barbara Garthunk

Barbara Garthunk
Main article: Barbara Garthunk

Barbara Garthunk is the receptionist of the South Park Milk Company who appeared in the episode, "How to Eat with Your Butt". She helped Martha and Stephen Thompson find their missing son after they mistook Kenny McCormick's portrait on a milk carton for him.

Carrie Quinn Dolan

Carriequinndolan HD

Carrie Quinn Dolan appeared in the episode, "Super Best Friends", as George Bush's wife, Laura Bush, the character she played on Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's sitcom, That's My Bush.

Cher and Sonny Bono


Cher and Sonny Bono appeared with in the episode, "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow", in which they were introducing Terrance and Phillip onto their show. In a parody of their banter from their show, Cher is seen taking shots at Sonny's height and intellect, although in a far more frank, cruel and inaudible manner.

David Blaine

David Blaine
Main article: David Blaine

David Blaine appeared in the episode, "Super Best Friends" as the leader of the suicide cult religion "Blaintology", the followers of which believe that Blaine's magic tricks are "miracles". When his religion does not get tax-exempt status, he has his followers commit suicide in Washington D.C., until he is stopped by the Super Best Friends.

Donald Trump

Main article: Donald Trump
Donald trump sp

Donald Trump is an American developer. He has recently been seen on the reality show The Apprentice, with his trademark expression "You're Fired." He is one of the select rich and famous people Mr. Garrison invites to view IT on the Season Five episode, "The Entity".

Donald Trump only got a small mention on a news show in "The Entity".

Although not explicitly stated Donald Trump appears as The President of Canada in Where My Country Gone?. In this episode, he appears to have a Canadian shaped and is raped and murdered by Mr Garrison.

Though Trump successfully ran for President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential Election, Mr. Garrison takes his place on South Park during Season 19 and Season 20.

Ed Sullivan


Ed Sullivan appeared in the episode, "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow", in which he debuted Terrance and Phillip to the American audience.

Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish pop-singer. Mr. Garrison sees him singing on television and is inspired by his dancing while creating IT in the Season Five episode, "The Entity".


South Park 502 - It Hits the Fan 0001
Main article: Geldon

Geldon is a dragon that rose when the "word of curse" was said enough times in the episode, "It Hits the Fan".

Gloria Allred

Main article: Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is an attorney and human rights activist who appears in the episode, "Cripple Fight". She takes Big Gay Al's case of not being able to be in The Mountain Scouts for being a homosexual to the Colorado Supreme Court.

The Knights of Standards and Practices

Main article: The Knights of Standards and Practices

The Knights of Standards and Practices are medieval knights sworn to keep curse words to a minimum. They appear in the episode, "It Hits the Fan" when the word "shit" was spoken repeatedly after the show Cop Drama had said it on TV for the first time.

Martha and Stephen Thompson

Main article: Martha and Stephen Thompson

Martha and Stephen Thompson are two individuals with the deformity called Torsonic Polarity Syndrome (TPS), which causes their faces to resemble buttocks. They appear in the episode, "How to Eat with Your Butt" when they see a milk carton with Kenny McCormick's school picture on it, believing it was their son, Tommy.

Mr. Fun

Mrfun HD
Main article: Mr. Fun

Mr. Fun, pronounced "Foon", is the owner of North Park Funland who appears in the episode, "Cartmanland". When Eric Cartman inherits $1,000,000 from his late grandmother, he decides to buy North Park Funland from Mr. Fun so that he can enjoy it all to himself. Mr. Fun hesitates to give Cartman the park at first because it wasn't doing very well, but when Cartman reveals his true intentions, he yields.

Mr. Grazier

502 34
Main article: Mr. Grazier

Mr. Grazier was the boys' new scoutmaster after their old scoutmaster Big Gay Al was sacked for being a homosexual in the episode, "Cripple Fight". He disciplines the scouts with a military-like attitude, but he also takes naked pictures of them, revealing himself to be a pedophile. He is later caught and arrested by the FBI and his pictures of the boys are shown on the news, prompting the boys' parents to change their minds about homosexuals being in scouts.


Main article: Radiohead

Radiohead is a band that appears in the episode, "Scott Tenorman Must Die". They come to South Park to comfort Scott Tenorman because they believe the letter Eric Cartman sent that said Scott had "ass cancer". However, when they see Scott crying, they insult him and leave, not knowing that he was crying over the death of his parents.

Scott Tenorman

Main article: Scott Tenorman

Scott Tenorman is a 9th grader who makes a grave mistake by pissing off Eric Cartman in the episode, "Scott Tenorman Must Die". Scott first sells pubes for $10 to Cartman, who thought that made him mature. Cartman tries many times to get his money back from Scott, but he is outsmarted every time and is even publicly humiliated with the "Little Piggy" video. Now he had enough, and devises an elaborate plan that kills Scott's parents and feeds them to their son, whose despair causes his favorite band, Radiohead, to mock him for being a "crybaby".

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