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This is a list of characters from the fifteenth season of South Park.

The Broadway Bros

BroadwayBros Group
Main article: Broadway Bros
The Broadway Bros - Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwarz, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elton John - are a group of Broadway writers who are "bros" that hang out at Hooters. They appeared in "Broadway Bro Down".

Duck President

Main article: Duck President
The Duck President first appeared in "You're Getting Old" and was believed to be an imaginary duck from a movie trailer. However, in "Ass Burgers", the Duck President was shown to be real.


Main article: Funnybot
Funnybot is a comedian robot created and manufactured in Germany with a purpose of entertaining people and proving Germans aren't the least funny people in the world. It appeared in the episode of the same name and served as the main antagonist, but only between the half point and end of the episode when he turns good again. It opened fire on a performance to make huge laughs and said his catchphrase "Awkward", many people including the people who died thought it was hilarious. He later wanted to destroy humanity with US and Russian nuclear weapons because it was the "ultimate joke". It was stopped by Jimmy and had a "change of heart".

Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister is seen in "Royal Pudding". He resemblance to Pierre Trudeau.
Ab95 southpark15x03

Jacob Hallery

Main article: Jacob Hallery

Jacob Hallery's father died and his mother is severely depressed, making him the poorest kid at Greeley Elementary as mentioned in the "The Poor Kid".

Junichi Takiyama

Unnamed Japanese Man
Main article: Junichi Takiyama
Junichi Takiyama was a minor character who made two appearances. He appeared in "HUMANCENTiPAD" and "City Sushi".

Larry Feegan

Larry Feegan
Main article: Larry Feegan
Larry Feegan was Shelly Marsh's boyfriend in the episode "Broadway Bro Down", where he was shown constantly wearing a life preserver. His family are vegans, and he was forced to be one since birth.

Miles Standish

Main article: Miles Standish
Miles Standish is an alien from the planet Plymouth, who came to Earth, or rather, was sent to Earth against his will, by the Indians, another alien race, in the episode "A History Channel Thanksgiving". Miles is the military leader of the Pilgrims.

Mr. Adams

Main article: Mr. Adams
Mr. Adams is a caseworker for Child Protective Services. He made his first appearance in "The Poor Kid". He was the caseworker for Kenny, Cartman, and presumably, the other children fostered by The Weatherheads. Although his aim was to send the children to a better environment than their current one, he eventually realized that it was a mistake sending them to live with the Weatherheads, which is strict, militant, and Agnostic family.

Ms. Bronski

Main article: Ms. Bronski

Ms. Bronski is new elementary school nurse and was first introduced in the episode "Ass Burgers".

Natalie Portman

Natalie portman south park
Main article: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an actress who assists The History Channel and Miles Standish from the Planet of Plymouth in his war against the aliens from the planet Indi.

Rebecca Turnod

Rebecca Turnod is the Surgeon General of the United States. She made her only appearance in "T.M.I.". Dr. Turnod arrives in South Park to settle the T.M.I. dispute. After getting into a fight with Randy, she is forced to resign her government position by his political group "Pissed Off and Angry Guys Party".

Secret Society of Cynics

Main article: Secret Society of Cynics
The Secret Society of Cynics were featured in "Ass Burgers" and do not believe in the mental health issue of Asperger's syndrome. They pose as doctors and patients and dress as members of the Matrix films to fight the world of illusion.

Selena Gomez

Main article: Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is an actress and teen pop singer who was assaulted by the South Park Elementary school faculty in "Bass to Mouth" on the request of Eric Cartman

Stephen Tamil


Stephen Tamil was a fifth grader who wanted to get revenge on Cartman in "1%". While it initially appeared he and his friends were the one causing Cartman's troubles, it was later revealed that he had nothing to do with any of the Cartman's misfortunes.

Two Farmers

Underpants Thieves
Main article: Two Farmers
The Two Farmers were two old men at the bowling alley who were Steamy Ray Vaughn's only audience in "You're Getting Old". The old men felt compelled to steal Randy's underwear in order to save them from the fate of violent farts caused by his Tween Wave performance.

Tyler Perry

Main article: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is portrayed in the episode "Funnybot". Throughout the episode Mr. Perry only says funny catch phrases from his movies. Token and President Barack Obama laugh at his jokes involuntarily.

Tyler's antics get more absurd that he dressed up his most famous character, Madea and refused to leave South Park Elementary when asked to. In the end the Germans buried and cemented him in hole in place of Funnybot, stating, "He was one of the worst threats to the world."

U.S. Border Patrol

Marcus and Charlie
Main article: U.S. Border Patrol
Charlie and Marcus are two U.S. Border Patrol officers who have a difficult time keeping illegal Mexicans from entering and leaving the United States. They appeared in "The Last of the Meheecans". They hired volunteer deputies, which included Eric Cartman, to assist in keeping the Mexicans from crossing the border from either side. Cartman joined because of his own personal vendetta against Butters in a chance to win the ongoing Texans vs. Mexicans game for his team.

Wayne D

Wayne D wigger
Main article: Wayne D
Wayne D made his first appearance in "T.M.I.", he was later seen but not heard the Season Seventeen's "Black Friday" trilogy. He has a black hat that says "PLAYA" in grey on the top of it, with a white do-rag. He has a red Miami Heat basketball jersey with the number 6 on it, and under the jersey he has a grey shirt, and under that shirt he has a white shirt. He wears his pants really low so that his white underwear is on display.


Main article: Wikileaks
Wikileaks was an evil rat that listened to kids' gossip and posted them on the website "Eavesdropper" that appeared in the episode "Bass to Mouth". Wikileaks is Lemmiwinks' older brother. Wikileaks' hair has the same color and style as Julian Assange. Wikileaks is shown to be intelligent enough to operate a computer, and record things with helmet cam.

The Weatherheads

Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead
Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are a foster family that are fostering many children, and they're are also the main antagonists in the south park episode "The Poor Kid.

The Whipples

Mr and Mrs Whipple
Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Whipple
Mr. and Mrs. Whipple hit Butters with their car while he walking home on the road in The Last of the Meheecans". They take him back to their house and treated him like a servant, forcing him to do household work and gardening. After Butters asks to go home, they dropped him off at the El Pollo Loco restaurant, where he convinces the workers, and other Mexicans, to return to Mexico.

Minor Characters from Season Fifteen
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