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This list is for minor characters from the eleventh season of South Park.


Main article: Allison

Allison appears in the episode "D-Yikes!", where she meets Mrs. Garrison at a gym. After overhearing Garrison bad-mouthing men, she assumed that she's a lesbian and asks her to join her at the local girl bar Les Bos. After realizing that it's a lesbian bar, Mrs. Garrison freaks out, until calmed by Allison. After sharing a kiss, they spend the rest of the night having lesbian sex, AKA Scissoring. Alison then joins Mrs. Garrison's crusade to protect Les Bos. Alison apparently likes butch women.

Angelina Jolie

Main article: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an American actress known for roles such as Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She appeared in episode "Lice Capades", where Travis Mayfield is saved by a fly which transports him to a Lice colony in her pubic hair.

Baahir Hassam Abdul Hakeem

Main article: Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem

Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem is Semitic in appearance, and has olive skin, and black hair. His hair is curly and shaved around the sides. He wears a sky-blue shirt and medium-gray trousers.

In Baahir's only appearance (to date), "The Snuke", when Baahir first came to South Park Elementary, Cartman immediately suspected him of terrorism, and went so far as to ask Mrs. Garrison to have Baahir checked for bombs. It turned out that Baahir wasn't a terrorist, although Cartman's bigoted behavior towards him contributed to saving America from a real terrorist attack which was going underway at the time.

In contrast to Cartman's paranoiac treatment of Baahir, Butters immediately befriended him, and Baahir visited his house after school was canceled.

Due to their abominable experiences in South Park, the Hakeems moved away at the end of the episode. Cartman rejoiced at this, saying that not only did his bigotry save the country from the real terrorist attacks, but it also got rid of the Muslim family.

Bill Donohue

Main article: Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. He appears in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special".

When Pope Benedict XVI attempts to stop the Hare Club for Men from revealing the true origins of the Catholic Church (that Jesus' disciple and the first Pope, Peter, was in truth a rabbit), he gets the services of Bill Donhohue and the Catholic League to help him in his efforts. Their primary objective is revealed to take possession of a bunny named Snowball, who is revealed to be the descendant of Saint Peter. However, the Pope slowly begins to realize that Donohue's efforts are rather extreme and not "very Christian" as he resorts to torture and murder members of the Hare Club in order to get what he personally wants, all the while claiming his actions are those demanded by God himself.


Main article: Bono

Bono appears in the episode, "More Crap". He is said to be the record crap in the world's history. This explaining why he can do so much good and accomplish so many great things, and still appear as a piece of crap.


Main article: Bradley ("Cartman Sucks")

Bradley was Butters' "Acountibilibuddy" at Camp New Grace in "Cartman Sucks". After Butters, being Butters and not getting what he meant, said he 'like-liked' him, he admitted having "bad thoughts" about their friendship. Bradley tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge later in the episode, saying he was incapable of being cured. After Butters gives his speech, he gets down safely. He got himself and Butters in trouble by having a men's underwear catalog in his room.

Bradley is timid and mutters random bible verses to himself about homosexuality. He often has his hand by his mouth, possibly biting his fingernails.



Bryan was Hillary Clinton's aide in the episode "The Snuke". When the snuke was discovered in Clinton's vagina, Bryan volunteered to go in and remove it, but once inside, his head was eaten by Hillary Clinton's vagina in a scene similar to one from the film, Teeth.

Chris Hansen

Main article: Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen appeared in the South Park episode, "Le Petit Tourette", hosting a program similar to To Catch a Predator about Cartman's Tourette's Syndrome.

David Nelson

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
Main article: Dr. David Nelson

David Nelson is a midget who has so far only appeared in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". In this episode he was mocked by Cartman which angered him. David Nelson then challenged him to a fight, but Cartman gained the upper hand for the majority of the fight.

Mr. Donaldson

Main article: Mr. Donaldson

Mr. Donaldson is a leader of a group "Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation" in episode "Le Petit Tourette". Kyle is labeled a bully by him, as he is unaware that Cartman is faking his Tourette's Syndrome.


Main article: Glen

Glen was in charge of the public safety department at the town meeting in "Night of the Living Homeless". In this same episode, he is shot by Randy because he becomes homeless and begins to beg for change.

Hare Club for Men

Main article: Hare Club for Men

The Hare Club for Men is an organization which was featured in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special". The organization keeps and passes down the secret of Easter. In the episode, "Fantastic Easter Special", it is revealed that the secret of Easter is that the first Pope, St. Peter, was actually a rabbit. Leonardo da Vinci had wanted to paint St. Peter as a rabbit in his painting, The Last Supper, but the Vatican opposed. So, da Vinci painted St. Peter as a man, but left clues in his painting that he had in fact been a rabbit, just as Jesus had intended for the Pope to be. Since then, the Hare Club for Men has been painting Easter Eggs in order to keep the secret of Easter alive.

Hillary Clinton

Main article: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton appears in the episode "The Snuke".

Hillbilly Brigade

Anti-Racist Rednecks
Main article: Hillbilly Brigade

In "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", the Hillbilly Brigade chased and harassed Randy because he used the word "nigger" on Wheel of Fortune. They back down after others who were ostracized for using the word come to his aid.

Jake Jabs

Main article: Jake Jabs

Jake Jabs is the spokesperson for American Furniture Warehouse in Colorado. He appeared as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party in the episode "Guitar Queer-O".

Jay Cutler

Main article: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is a quarterback with the Chicago Bears, formerly the Denver Broncos. He appeared in the episode "Guitar Queer-O" as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party during his time with the Broncos. Stan tells him that he kinda sucks, but he might be good some day.

Kelly Mayfield

Travis and kelly
Main article: Kelly Mayfield

Kelly is the wife of Travis Mayfield in "Lice Capades". She dies after Clyde turns on his hair dryer.

Mayor of Imaginationland

Main article: Mayor of Imaginationland

The Mayor of Imaginationland is seen as a fat man in a purple suit and hat with polka-dotted pants. He delivers Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Jimmy, and Butters to Imaginationland in his blimp. He dies in the terrorist attack on Imaginationland when the alien of the Alien series tears out his organs but gets revived by Butters.


Main article: Nelly

Nelly was the keeper of the lists in "The List", which Butters (acting on the order of Cartman) attempted to get from her by kicking her in the "balls", only to fail miserably and for her to beat him up. However, the boys managed to eventually secure the list from her.

She had brown hair, which she wore in pigtails with green ties, a green sweater with a flower on it, and a pair of dark green trousers.

Patty Nelson

Patty Nelson
Main article: Patty Nelson

Patty Nelson appeared in the episode "Le Petit Tourette" briefly as a girl that Eric Cartman blurts out he fancies, to the shock of Patty.

She wears a pink jacket with black cuffs, a black skirt and black stockings. She has black hair and has a pink and white polka-dotted hairband.

Pope Benedict XVI

Main article: Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI appeared in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special". He was born in Germany.

Professor Teabag

Main article: Professor Teabag

Professor Teabag appeared in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special". He showed Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski the secrets behind the Hare Club for Men and what they protected.

Queen Elizabeth II

Main article: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the current rule member of the English Royal family. She appears briefly in the episode, "The Snuke".

When Cartman accuses a new Middle Eastern boy at school, Baahir, of being a terrorist, he inadvertently finds himself in the middle of an evil plot to destroy the United States. The source of the plot however is revealed to be the very first enemy that the United States ever had: England. While the Americans were dealing with the supposed thread of Middle Eastern Terrorist, the English were planning an invasion aboard wood boats with 18th century weapons and clothing, intending to at last 'end the American Revolution."

However, the US realizes the plot and using fighter jets destroy the English. Back in England, the Queen receives a call of the failure and thus shoots herself in the head.

Ron Zappolo

Main article: Ron Zappolo

Ron Zappolo is the lead anchor of Denver's FOX affiliate KDVR. He appeared as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party in the South Park episode Guitar Queer-O.

When asked about the parody, Zappolo reportedly said that in his 37 years on television, this cameo impressed his daughter the most.


Main article: Thad

Thad is a kid who is an expert guitar player, on a Guitar Hero game controller, in the Guitar Queer-O episode. He tried to score million points in the Guitar Hero game with Stan Marsh. He quits when Stan becomes a euphemism of a rock star with addictions to the game Heroin Heroand being a crabby jerk. One of his notable feats is playing two songs on the controller without the game so well that other people can hear him and compliment him on his skills. That has brown, wavy hair, which falls over his eye. His mouth is high up on his face. He wears a black shirt, and jeans.


Main article: Thomas

Thomas is a boy with Tourette's Syndrome, this causes him to constantly blurt out swear words every few seconds. He has blond spiky hair and a rather stressed out expression upon his face (he could be compared to Tweek who he also sounds like).

Travis Mayfield

Travis and kelly
Main article: Travis Mayfield

Travis is a louse who lived in Clyde's hair in Lice Capades, he was married to Kelly. He talks with an accent. He is shown to be a sort of a "prophet" when he tells everyone in his lice colony that they have to move elsewhere because the "world" become aware of them. He eventually loses his wife Kelly when it begins to "rain" (actually Clyde washing his head with the lice killing shampoo) and when the "wind" begins to blow (Clyde blow drying his hair). So he, his unborn baby Hope, another female louse, and the vice president (who previously did not believe him when he "prophesied" the disaster) goes to "The Forbidden Zone" (the back of Clyde's neck). When they reach "The Forbidden Zone" the vice president shoots the female in the head and shoots Travis in the leg. Than he announces his plan to go back, rebuild and become President. The Vice president eventually dies when he shoots Clyde's neck with his gun, than Clyde reaches back, picks him up and flicks him away. Travis is eventually saved by a fly that takes him to another place where bigger lice live. They help Travis and Hope and welcome them to their land. It soon turns out this place is Angelina Jolie's pubic hair.


Main article: Xerxes

Xerxes is leader of the Persians. She appears in episode "D-Yikes!".

The Ugly Kids

Ugly Kids
Main article: The Ugly Kids

The Ugly Kids are background student characters who have premiered in the episode "The List". Due to their ugliness, they are forbidden to sit with the other children in the school, and are forced to sit together at one table at lunchtime.

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