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This is a list of the many catchphrases in the show.

​Eric Cartman

Main article: Eric Cartman
  • "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"
  • "Respect ma authoritah!"
  • "I'm not fat, I'm big boned!"
  • "But Meem!"
  • "Whateva, I do what I want!"
  • "No Kitty. This is my [item of food]!"
  • "Jew!"
  • "Get over it."

Stan Marsh

Main article: Stan Marsh
  • "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"
  • "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here!"
  • "You know, I've learned something today..."
  • "Aw, awww!"

Kyle Broflovski​

Main article: Kyle Broflovski
  • "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"
  • "You know, I've learned something today..."
  • "Fatass!"

Butters Stotch

Main article: Butters Stotch
  • "Oh hamburgers!"
  • "Ew, it's all [adjective]-y!"
  • "Loo, loo, loo, I've got some apples..."

Other Characters

Big Gay Al

Main article: Big Gay Al
  • "I'm super, thanks for asking."


Main article: Chef
  • "Hello there, children."

Craig Tucker

Main article: Craig Tucker
  • "If I could say [swearword] [in a situation, e.g. on live T.V.], I would be so happy.

Darryl Weathers

Main article: Darryl Weathers
  • "They took our jobs!"

Ike Broflovski

Main article: Ike Broflovski
  • "Don't kick the baby!"

Jimbo Kern

Main article: Jimbo Kern
  • "It's coming right for us!"

Jimmy Valmer

Main article: Jimmy Valmer
  • "W-wow, what a t-terrific audience."

Mr. Garrison

Main article: Mr. Garrison
  • "You go to hell and you die!"
  • "That's right, Mr Hat."
  • "Oh jeez!"

Mr. Mackey

Main article: Mr. Mackey
  • "Mmkay"
  • "Drugs are bad, mmkay."

Ms. Crabtree

Main article: Ms. Crabtree
  • "Sit down and shut up!"
  • "What did you say?"

Mr. Hankey

Main article: Mr. Hankey
  • "Hooowdy ho!"

Sheila Broflovski

Main article: Sheila Broflovski
  • "What, What What?"

Timmy Burch

Main article: Timmy Burch
  • "TIMMAH!"
  • "Livin' a lie"


Main article: Towelie
  • "You're a towel."
  • "Don't forget to bring a towel."
  • "Do you wanna get high?"
  • "I have no idea what's going on."

Tweek Tweak

Main article: Tweek Tweak
  • "GAH!"
  • "I can't handle this kind of pressure!"

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