The Law Office, pa is a business seen only in the Season Eighteen episode, "Go Fund Yourself".


The Boys are hard pressed to come up with a unique name for their new startup company in "Go Fund Yourself". To claim a name, they visit the Law Office with a list of names. After a long list of taken names, they finally settle on 'Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly On The Table, INC."

List of Rejected Startup Names

The following is a list of startup company names the boys try to pick, that were already taken by other companies:

  • Angry Clit-Spasm
  • Whooping Fart Balls
  • Lubricated Titty Burgers
  • Indifferent Rectal Semen Splooge


The building is a plain-looking, brown building with windows featuring three panes. The exterior is landscaped with hedges and trees.

The interior of the building is an open-office with desks for various employees on the perimeter of the office. The office is adorned with filing cabinets, framed degrees, plants, bookcases, and other office paraphernalia.


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