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Laura Tucker is the mother of Craig Tucker, whose nasally voice was likely inherited from her, and the wife of Thomas Tucker. Craig apparently does not care much for her, as he was seen flipping her off in "Tweek vs. Craig".


Laura Tucker has long, blonde hair. She wears a dull-green dress, with a white collar, a white belt around her waist, and white buttons going down her dress. Mrs. Tucker wears rosy red lipstick, like most of the other mothers, and appears to have very long eyelashes. She also appears to be very tall, like her husband, and is seemingly the tallest of the female characters.

After "Pandemic", her character design was cleaned up to be smoother and her hair has a newer 3D-like effect.

In "The Magic Bush", her hair was changed to a new style, and she wore a green sleeveless shirt with a green, flower-coated skirt.




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