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For other uses, see Larry (disambiguation).

Larry King first appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Krazy Kripples", where he interviews Christopher Reeve, who was using stem-cells from dead fetuses to repair his spinal injuries.


King later appeared in the episode, "A Million Little Fibers", interviewing Towelie and Geraldo Rivera. He interviewed Towelie on the subject of this book.

King's latest appearance is in the episode "Whale Whores", where he interviews Stan Marsh and the crew of the MV Steve Irwin. Larry King is focused more on how Stan was able to turn Whale Wars around whereas Stan was concerned about getting the message about whaling and the Japanese killing dolphins out.


In each of Larry King's appearances on South Park, he is animated differently but still with a close resemblance his actual appearance. In "Krazy Kripples", his face has significant detail. He wears a pink shirt with a white collar, a red tie, and brown suspenders. He has black, graying hair. In "A Million Little Fibers", his face has less detail.

In "Whale Whores", his appearance is drastically different having a more detailed face, gray receding hair, and a more circular shaped head. He wears a blue shirt, a maroon tie, and black suspenders.



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