Lao Tse is the founder of Taoism and a member of the Super Best Friends. He has psychic powers of persuasion. His voice is very similar to Tuong Lu Kim. He appears in "Super Best Friends", "200", and "201".


Lao Tse, as he appears in South Park, wears a pink robe, a red belt, and white shoes. He has gray hair, but is balding, and a long gray beard. He can usually be seen wielding a wooden staff, which is longer in length than Lao Tse's height.



  • All of the episodes Lao Tse has appeared in have been controversial due to the Muslim prophet Muhammad being shown on screen. Consequentially, none of the episodes he's appeared in are available to watch on South Park Studios. Except, of course, Imagionationland and I'm a Little Bit Country.


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