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Kurt Russell is an American actor, famous for films such as Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from New York, and Tombstone. Russell appeared in "Imaginationland, Episode II", in which he was sent into Imaginationland due to him having "experience" in going through portals, as seen in the film Stargate.


After being sent back to Imaginationland in "Imaginationland, Episode II", Russell wound up being gang raped by the Woodland Critters. He also appeared in "Pee" as a firefighter, parodying his role in the movie Backdraft. In "200" and "201", Kurt Russell is seen with all the other celebrities who attacked South Park and extracted the goo from Muhammad. However, despite being involved with the destruction of South Park, he is shown once again as a firefighter, rescuing Milly Larsen's cat.


In "Imaginationland, Episode II" he appeared in a U.S. military uniform: camouflage pants, shirt, black combat boots, black (presumably bulletproof), vest, and black kneepads. He also wore an earpiece/microphone on his right ear. In "Pee", and near the end "201", he appeared in the standard firefighter garb.


He appears to be caring, rescuing Milly's cat in "201", despite being one of the celebrities who wanted to destroy South Park .


  • "Imaginationland, Episode II" - Kurt was sent into "Imaginationland by the U.S. Military.
  • "Pee" - He was seen as a firefighter
  • "200" - One of the pissed off celebrities. He was seen behind Mickey Mouse who was on the couch.
  • "201" - One of the celebrities who wanted to destroy South Park. He later appeared as a firefighter.


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