KIT-9 was Eric Cartman's robot cat in the Season Ten episode, "Go God Go XII".


Cartman froze himself waiting for the Nintendo Wii to be released but was revived 500 years in the future. His only friend is a robot dog named K-10. When the two steal a Crank Prank Time Phone, he calls Kyle, telling him to warn his past self to warn his past self about the danger of freezing himself. Kyle then misses his bus, causing the future to change, meaning K-10 turns into KIT-9.

Kit-9 suggests Cartman should call Mrs. Garrison. When he does this, Richard Dawkins answers. Cartman lets slip to him that Garrison used to be a man, causing the two to split, which changes the future. Kit-9 then changes into KOK-A-3.


Kit-9 is an upright robot with feline features. It is silver, with gold shoulders, arms and legs. It has "Kit-9" written on its chest.


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