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Justin Timberlake is an American musician and actor.



Justin has not technically appeared on South Park as an actual character. However, a cardboard cutout of Timberlake appeared in the episode "AWESOM-O", where it was revealed Butters Stotch, in order to get vengeance against Eric Cartman for years of bullying, had videotaped Cartman dressed up as Britney Spears, dancing with the cut-out as he sang the a song called, "Touch My Body". Butters himself would later dance to Timberlake's song, "Rock Your Body" in "Marjorine", while posing as a girl to steal a "future-telling device" from the popular girls.


The cutout was photo-realistic. It was made to look like it was wearing a black coat, black pants, black-and-white sneakers, a white tie, and a green "dress" shirt.

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