"Just a Little Girl" is a song sung posthumously by Michael Jackson, while his soul possessed Kyle Broflovski's little brother, Ike, in the Season Thirteen episode, "Dead Celebrities".


Michael, and other recently dead celebrities, are trapped in purgatory waiting for the pop singer to realize that he is dead, in order to move on to either Heaven or Hell.

While possessed by the spirit of Michael Jackson, Ike has taken on Jackson's talent and mannerisms, such as singing and dancing. Jackson's only wish, before moving on, is to be recognized as a little white girl and to win a beauty pageant. After performing in a pageant, Michael's soul was finally free to join the other celebrities.


I'm just a little girl. Hee hee!
A dainty little thing!
I know you want to be,
A little white girl like me!
Hee hee he!