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Joe and Teresa Giudice are a real life married couple featured on the reality TV series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. They were parodied on the Season Fourteen episode, "It's a Jersey Thing".


Joe and Teresa Giudice move to South Park, Colorado where they became Stan Marsh's new neighbors. The Marshes invite the new family to dinner, where Teresa displays her bad temper and attitude, by gossiping about the people in South Park and insulting Sharon Marsh. Every time Teresa becomes angry, her husband Joe tries to calm her down.

Later, while at the beauty salon with her friends Jacqueline and Caroline, Teresa becomes offended when asked to wait 10 minutes for another customer by the hair dresser. She became belligerent and nasty with customers and staff until Sheila Broflovski, who was once also from New Jersey, slaps Teresa calling her a "psycho-bitch", as well as a trashy-whore. This made Teresa back down and leave the Salon in disgust.


Teresa has a dark complexion and wears heavy make-up. She is seen wearing a black and purple dress and gold bracelets. She has black hair with brown highlights.

Joe wears black pants, a black shirt, and gold chains. He has short black hair and is shown to be physically strong.


Teresa is abusive physically and verbally to everyone, while Joe is more conservative, as he tries to restrain Teresa.


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