"Jesus, Baby" is performed by the band Faith + 1 in the Season Seven episode, "Christian Rock Hard". It was sung during Christ Fest to win over the audience and help sell their self made album at the event.


Cartman tricks the band Sanctified into believing they are praying before their concert appearance but instead locking them in a closet. Faith + 1 go on in their absence gaining the admiration of the concert attendees. A record producer is so impressed, he offers the to sell their album to a wider audience.


You know, Jesus, I've been thinking a lot about you lately and... well... that's why I wrote this song.

I love you, Jesus
I want you to walk with me
I'll take good care of ya, baby
Call you my baby, baby
You died for my sins
And you know that I would die for you, right?
What's the matter, baby?
You're tremblin' Jesus, ba-baaaaaayyyy
Your love
Is my light
You know when I'm without you there's a black hole in my life
Oh-oooh I want to believe
It's all right
But I get lonely in the night
And it's up to you to save me
Jesus, baby