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For other uses, see Jason (disambiguation).

Jason Voorhees is a fictional mass murderer from the "Friday the 13th" film series.


In "Hell on Earth 2006", a man dressed as Jason is seen arriving at Satan's Halloween Party. Later, in "Imaginationland, Episode II", Jason is one of the members of the evil side of Imaginationland who attacks the good side. He is shown with a feminine voice, declaring killing Strawberry Shortcake as "super hardcore". He is killed during the third episode but resurrected and put back behind the wall.


Jason Voorhees wears black pants, a green coat, and a white hockey mask. His clothes are severely torn and are covered in blood. He also wears filthy brown shoes, which are in poor condition.


  • In "Imaginationland, Episode II", Voorhees doesn't resemble South Park's traditional character style. Instead, his model features a more stylistic look about him, akin to rival Freddy Krueger, who also appears.



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