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This page contains trivia for "Jared Has Aides". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • This is the first episode to feature Ms. Choksondik in the opening theme.
  • Kyle, Stan and Cartman refer to Butters as Kenny, Not Kenny and Not Not Kenny. This is in reference to Kenny's semi-permanent death at the end of "Kenny Dies". Other references to this include Cartman saying he's going to kick Butters until he's "deader than Kenny" (which Kyle and Stan said wasn't cool) and Jared's rallies take place at the Kenny McCormick Memorial Square.
  • This episode introduces Tuong Lu Kim and his restaurant, City Wok .
  • This episode is one of the few times where Chef's kitchen is seen (as opposed to just the serving area).
  • The scene after Jared is fired from Subway is a parody of the film Philadelphia.
  • Due to all the AIDS jokes, this episode has never had a rerun on Comedy Central.

Censorship and Bans

  • The British satellite channel Sky One banned this episode due to the sequence with Butters’ makeshift liposuction, the part where Butters eats his own vomit, the AIDS references, and Butters’ parents beating him at the end of this episode, but was shown uncut on the UK terrestrial channel Channel 4. Some syndicated versions cut out the scene where Butters eats his own vomit and the scene at the end where Cartman watches Butters getting beaten and comments that if he "was old enough, he would totally start jacking off right now". In addition, the Cartman’s "Butters-like" conversation with Butters’ father was altered to remove references of "his hot spicy boner" and calling Butters' father a "pussy".[citation needed]
  • For unknown reasons, this episode has never been aired on Hispanic television, and isn't included in the DVD of the season. It is believed it was never dubbed because of the joke being hard to translate, with AIDS (Spanish: SIDA) and aides (Spanish: aduyantes) sounding nothing like eachother. However, a Spain Spanish dub was made. The joke was easily deal with in other languages. The Portuguese dub changed the joke to be about HIV, and Jared calls his aides H e V which sounds like HIV in portuguese. The German dub changes AIDS into an acronym (Assisten im Diatsystem) and so does the Swedish subtitles.[citation needed]
  • North America's Comedy Central has seemingly banned this episode due to its ending after its initial airing.

Controversial Ending

  • This episode has rarely re-aired on Comedy Central. According to one report, the channel forbade ever showing it after its initial week, because of the scene at the end where Butters was heard being beaten by his parents. The implied abuse is never actually seen — the camera cuts to an exterior view of the Stotches’ home and Butters’ yells, punches are heard with even some glass breaking. In addition, Mr. Stotch is heard verbally cutting down Butters, exclaiming in a harsh tone, "Not so tough now, are you?" Comedy Central is also believed to have forbidden many other episodes with Butters being physically abused by his family. Despite the Comedy Central ban, this episode and other episodes depicting Butters experiencing painful treatment have been shown in syndication (edited for content). Also, the episode is uncut on the Season 6 DVD.[citation needed]

Hidden Visitor(s)

Four can be seen in this episode:

  • When Jared follows his girlfriend out, if you look very closely to his right there is a visitor on the wall next to the painting.
  • Chef uses a visitor shaped spoon when he leads the boys into the kitchen.
  • When Jimbo announces that AIDS is funny, a visitor is seen over Mayor McDaniels' head.
  • When Tuong Lu Kim pays the boys for their work, one is seen behind the post office.

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