"Jared's Theme" is from the Season Six episode, "Jared Has Aides".


The song is a parody of the Subway Sandwich commercial featuring Jared Fogle, a customer who purportedly lost over 262 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches exclusively.

While on a speaking tour in South Park, Jared visits a restaurant called Le Place, with his fiancé Christine. He tells her that he is happy that they are to be married. He confesses to her that he has "aides", assistants helping him with his health in addition to the sandwiches. Christine misinterprets this, thinking Jared said "AIDS", a deadly disease, causing her to become upset.


Jared Fogle's Theme:

He's still lookin' good!
His name is Jared
His name is Jared and he likes to eat the sandwiches.

Christine Jonez Theme:

Her name is Jonez, Christine Jonez
She lost forty pounds when she met Jared,