Jakartha is a feared assassin. He has only appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Follow That Egg!". He was hired by Mrs. Garrison to assassinate Stan and Kyle's egg so Mrs Garrison could prove that gay marriage would not work. Jakartha completed this task, rather reluctantly at first, by shooting the egg with a sniper rifle. This egg was later revealed to be a fake, a dud, set up by Kyle because he did not believe that Stan would be able to care for it.

He later tried to assassinate the egg again, by shooting at it quite rapidly and setting up hidden bombs. He destroyed everything and killed almost everyone, but fails to destroy the egg.


Jakartha wears combat gear and is well armed. He has spiky brown hair, a brown beard, and obvious signs of stress and aging. He wears dark green cargo pants, a black shirt, a green combat overcoat, black shoes, and black gloves. The armaments he carries on him include a knife, several grenades, and a machine gun.


  • "Follow That Egg!" - Performs his role as an assassin to kill Stan and Kyle's egg.


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