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South Park song
"Jackin' it in San Diego"
Episode: "Butterballs"
Stan Marsh "Jacking-it in San Diego" Music Video(01:48)

"Jackin' it in San Diego" is a music video featured in the Season Sixteen episode, "Butterballs". The song was performed by a three man vocal group, wearing blue suits. Jerry Sanders, the Mayor of San Diego, makes a guest appearance.


Stan Marsh created an anti-bullying music video, called "Make Bullying Kill Itself". It was produced by Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers, an anti-bullying organization. Stan sold the rights to the video to a movie producer, named Nick Jabs. Jabs set up an interview for Stan and Butters on Dr. Oz talk show, to promote the video. Dr. Mehmet Oz sued South Park Elementary after Butters assaulted him in a rage of pent up anger, caused by being bullied. Jabs backed out of the movie deal, due to the bad publicity from Butters' incident.

San Diego Montage

Stan was blamed for these incidents and everyone turned against him for the trouble that was caused. When asked what he was going to do about it he replied, "I guess there's only one thing left for me to do." He flew to San Diego, where he took off his clothes, and danced and masturbated on a street corner.


Baaam badam baaam baaadam. Baaam badam bam
Baaam badam baaam baaadam. Baaam badam bam

I'm gonna jack it where the sun always shines. (He's gonna jack it)
Been spreadin' the word and now I need to ease my mind. (Jackin' it)
(Ohhhh...) Been plantin' them apple seeds and while the apples grow,
I'm gonna go out jackin' it in San Diego!

(Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackin' it jack
Smackin' it, jackin' it, smackin' it smack)

I don't need no shirt, no, gonna take them pants right off (he's about to jack it)
On such a bright day who needs underwear or socks? (Jackin' jack it)
(Ohhhh...) Been around God's country, and there's one thing I know.
There's no better place for jackin' it than San Diego!

(Jack it, jack it, jackin' it jack
Smackin' it, smackin' it, smackin' it smack
Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackin' it jack
Jackin' it, smackin' it, smackin' it smack) Jack it for the Loooord!

Jerry Sanders:
Come to San Diego. There's so much to see. From the sparkling waters of Mission Bay to the warm tortillas of Old Town. And after a day of sight-seeing, why not try spankin' it in one of our charming city streets? San Diego. Come, take a load off.

(Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackin' it jack
Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackin' it smack
A whackin' it, whackin' it, whackin' it whack
Smackin' it, jerkin' it, smackin' it smack)
The cars are all passin' me by, they're honkin', sayin' hello. (Hey, that guy's jackin' it!)

From his window there's a guy shootin' video. (Video of him jackin' it)
And if the good Lord Jesus comes knockin' on my door,
Just tell him that I'm jackin' it in San Diego.

(Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackin' it jack
Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackin' it smack (he's about to jack it)
Whack it jack it whack it jack it whackin' it jack
Whack it whack it smack whack whackin' it whack)


  • This video is a parody of by Jason Russell's breakdown in San Diego, California, where he was caught masturbating in public and disrupting traffic.[1]
  • The song was released as "San Diego" on iTunes August 21, 2012 through Comedy Central Records.[2]
  • This song, along with "Gay Fish", was released on a 7 inch vinyl record for Record Store Day on April 20, 2013.[3]


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