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Investigation Discovery (ID) is a United States cable channel that launched in 1996. It's shows' focus on true crime subjects. It was featured in the Season Seventeen episode, "Informative Murder Porn". Other networks mentioned with similar shows; Ivy Network, A&E, Oxygen, and The Oprah Winfrey Network(OWN).


The parents of South Park watch this network, along with others, while having sex. Dubbed "Informative Murder Porn", kids block this channel from their parents because they believe it will end with their parents killing each other.

List of Shows


  • Cold Case Files - A&E
  • Dateline: Murder - ID
  • Deadly Affairs - ID
  • Southern Fried Homicide - ID
  • On The Case with Paula Zahn - ID
  • Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? - ID
  • True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - ID
  • Nightmare Next Door - ID
  • Evil, I - ID


  • Hot Load Case Files
  • Sinful Secrets - Based on ID's Sins & Secrets
  • Sexy Betrayals - Based on a topic used on the Jerry Springer Show
  • Sunsets of Homicide
  • Marital Murder Mayhem

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