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This page contains trivia for "Informative Murder Porn". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • There is a running gag throughout the episode of Eric Cartman booing Wendy Testaburger every time she attempts to voice her opinion. This was inspired by a YouTube video from 2009[1], in which a mayoral candidate for Toledo, named Ben Konop, is heckled by a single man at a press conference who gives little effort or emotion to do so, as imitated in the South Park episode.
  • Wendy's presentation is about refugees from Syria, a country which has been going through a civil war. This was a real life current event at the time of the episode.
  • Peter Mullen was formerly known as Leroy Jenkins.
  • It is still unknown as to who vandalized the Marsh's next door neighbor's yard, since Stephen Stotch was caught in a castle he built, and Randy was the neighbor.
  • This episode spoofs widespread parental concern that children copy what they see on television and/or video games, with the roles being reversed.
  • This episode features Tweek's first speaking role since "Eat, Pray, Queef." He later speaks in "Black Friday" and "The Hobbit," making Season Seventeen the season where Tweek has the most speaking appearances, aside from his brief stint as the "fourth friend" in Season Six.
  • In the promo for this episode, Corey Lanskin says "Whoever told ya I teach Minecraft to adults was pulling your wiener." In the final cut of the episode, this has been replaced with "Fuck off!"[2]

References to Popular Culture

  • Randy Marsh has a tantrum and wishes Jaden Smith was his son so he could do whatever he wanted. Jaden is the son of actor-rapper Will Smith, and was last seen the episode, "Here Comes the Neighborhood". The name drop was a reference to a tweet on Twitter proclaiming "If everybody in the world dropped out of school we would have a more intelligent society."[3]
  • The Get Cable Company is a satire of real life cable service provider Time Warner, and their company logo looks similar to Ubisoft 2003-2017 logo, which would later acquire the video game right to South Park after THQ's bankruptcy in 2013.
  • Corey Lanskin imitates a British cockney accent while teaching Minecraft to the adults and uses his regular voice to act innocent.
  • Several real shows are parodied and are viewed as murder porn in the episode:
  • Fake 'murder porn' shows include:
    • Sexy Betrayals
    • Hot Load Case Files
    • Seductive Homicides
    • Marital Murder Mayhem
    • Sinful Secrets (represents real show Sins and Secrets)
    • Dateline Murder (represents real show Dateline NBC)


  • When the parents are learning to play Minecraft, Randy's character is facing sand and water, but when the shot moves behind Randy and Gerald, his character is facing a jungle.
  • When the boys go to remove channels at Get Cable!,  the name "Time Warner Cable" appears on the receptionist's shirt when he opens up his shirt to rub his nipples.
  • When Randy is playing Minecraft, he asks what a Magma Cube is. However, on his monitor, it shows his character inside a cave in the Overworld rather than in the Nether, where Magma Cubes are typically found. Also, since the Magma Cube is a mob rather than an item, Randy would not have actually been able to see its name.
  • When Craig, Jimmy, and Tweek inform the boys about their parents watching ID, Jimmy is closest to them when they are shown face to face. When shown from the side, Craig is closest.
  • When Butters is telling the fourth graders about how his Stephen killed Linda in Minecraft, he says that Stephen was harvesting sugar cane with a hammer. However, hammers do not actually exist in Minecraft.
  • When Sharon kills Randy in Minecraft for the last time, the "death screen" on his monitor shows him dead while next to a bed, like when he had died the last time, when only seconds before his character was outside in a field.
  • It is unknown how Sharon could be playing on the same multiplayer server as Randy if she is on a tablet device and he is on his computer, as the PC and mobile versions of Minecraft are not compatible.
  • At the town meeting, Bebe was in front of Cartman when he booed Wendy in the first shot.  In the next shots, Bebe is next to Wendy, and different students are in front of Cartman when he booed Wendy again.
  • At the second town meeting, Millie is shown sitting next to Cartman, but when someone else is shown talking who is seated near the back row, Millie is shown sitting in the back row.
  • Corey Lanskin informs the parents that they will start on a beach in Minecraft, which as of the episode's airing has been untrue for a while as the game received updates that changed it. The episode itself actually contradicts Corey's statement since only Randy's computer shows him on a beach.


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