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"In My Safe Space" is a song in the Season Nineteen episode, "Safe Space". The song and design are reminiscent of a Broadway theater production.


A music video and song that is set designed in a black room with white cubed rooms. The lyrics are about not being ridiculed in social media by escaping to "safe space" where nobody can harm their feelings.


Cartman: Everyone likes me and thinks I'm great in my safe space...
Steven Seagal: ... my safe space.
Cartman: People don't judge me and haters don't hate in my safe space...
PC Principal: ... your safe space.
Cartman and Steven Seagal: Bully-proof windows, troll-safe doors, nothing but kindness in here.
Randy Marsh: You might call me a pussy, but I won't hear you in my safe space...
Steven Seagal: ... my safe space.
Cartman: Bully-proof windows.
Demi Lovato: If you do not like me, you are not allowed in my safe space...
Plus-size Models: ... my safe space.
PC Principal: Look and you'll see there's a very select crowd in your safe space...
Everyone: safe space
Cartman: People that support me...
Everyone: ...mixed in with...
Cartman: More people that support me...
Everyone: ...and say nice things.
Everyone: Rainbows all around me, there is no shame in my safe space...
Randy Marsh: ... my safe space.
Cartman: Bully-proof windows.
Reality: I am going to tear down your safe space, brick by brick I shall smash it with glee.
Cartman: What? Who is that?
Reality: You cannot stop me from getting inside, I am cold and I am hard and my name ... is Reality.
Demi Lovato: Oh no not Reality, somebody stop him!
Cartman: I'll take care of him Demi.
Everyone: You can't ruin our lives Reality.
Cartman: Our safe space will keep you out.
Reality: Rat!
Everyone: We can face almost anything.
Cartman: But reality we can do without.
Reality: Noooooooo...
Cartman: Bully-proof windows.
Eveyone except Cartman: Troll safe doors...
Everyone: My safe space.
Cartman: That was nice.


South Park - Safe Space - "In My Safe Space"02:06

South Park - Safe Space - "In My Safe Space"

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