Ichi Ban Karate Dojo was a business seen in the Season Nine episode, "Bloody Mary".


Randy Marsh drops the boys and Ike in place of Kenny off at a martial arts studio for karate lessons. While the boys are training, Randy drinks at a bar next door.

The Karate instructor (also called Sensei) talks with a comical Japanese accent and says things like "You rack disciprine", instead of "you lack discipline". He has all the students say "ichi, ni, san, shi (いち、に、さん、し)", literally "one, two, three, four", while practicing punches and kicks.


The studio is located in a row of other businesses. With a large open interior and large front windows.


  • "Ichiban"(一番、いちばん)means "number one", "first", or "best" in Japanese. Therefore, the name roughly translates to "Number One Karate".
  • Ichiban is also the name of a real Karate dojo in Rhode Island.

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