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"I Ate My Son 'Fer a Blu-Ray Player" is a song from Season Seventeen episode, "Titties and Dragons". It was performed by a shopper named Rick at the South Park Mall Black Friday sales event.


While the shoppers were waiting for the malls doors to open for over two weeks, Channel 9 News reporter Niles Lawson, interviews a man who seems not the least bit remorseful for eating his son by singing a made-up holiday song. He claimed his family drew straws to see who would be cannibalized first, on account of their starving and not wanting to miss the chance for a $20.00 Blu-Ray video player.


ate my son 'fer a Blu-ray play-er
With a ho ho ho and a jingle jingle jang-le
My son got ate and it tasted good, ho ho jingle jingle ho ho!
Ho ho jingle jing-le
Jingle jingle jang-le
Jingle jingle jingle ho ho!

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