"I've Got Some Apples" was first heard in the Season Eight episode, "You Got F'd in the A". The song is also known as "Lu Lu Lu".


Butters Stotch often sings to himself when alone and usually gets cut off before finishing. The most complete performance of the song is in the episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", just before Paris Hilton abducts him, thinking he is a pet.


The lyrics vary depending the episode.


Version one:
Lu Lu Lu, I've got some apples. Lu Lu Lu you've got some too. Lu Lu Lu..
Version two:
Lu Lu Lu, I've got some apples. Lu Lu Lu, you got some too... Lu Lu Lu let's make some applesauce, take off our clothes and Lu Lu Lu...
Version three:
Lu Lu Lu I've got some apples, Lu Lu Lu, you've got some too...
Version four:
Lu Lu Lu! I've got some apples! Lu Lu Lu! You got some too! Lu Lu Lu! Let's get together! I know what we can do Lu Lu!
Version five:
Lu Lu Lu, I got some splish-splash. Lu Lu Lu, splish-splashing more. Lu Lu Lu-
Version Six:
Lu lu lu, lu... N-no such thing as J-Jewpacabra. People made it up. [a loud peal of thunder] It's -- that's okay. Even if there was a J-Jewpacabra it couldn't get in my r-room anyways.
Version seven:
Luu luuluu luu luu luu luu, Luu luuluu luu luu.
Version eight:
Loolooloo, I've got some apples. Loolooloo, you've got some too.