"Hippitus Hoppitus" was a song featured in the Season Eleven episode, “Fantastic Easter Special".


The Hare Club for Men members sing this song in faux Latin twice, in honor of their rabbit Snowball. The first time when Randy Marsh introduces Stan Marsh to the group. The second time when Bill Donohue was assassinated, causing Snowball to replace him as Pope. The chant is sung to the tune of "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".



Sanctum Peter Cottium
Deus in re unium
hippitus hoppitus Reus Domine

In suus via torreum
Lepus in re sanctum
hippitus hoppitus Reus Domine


Holy Peter Cottontail
God in one thing
hippity hoppity Culprit God

On his way
Rabbit in a holy thing
hippity hoppity Culprit God